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  1. I almsot guarantee that 80% do and thats why we are so let down. At least in the Beyond forum's. But h5 will peak and fall just like any video game, besides I enjoy destiny smashing like a titan:)
  2. They need to just drop the team or give some pub stars a shot imo.
  3. Im so disappointed with myself for buying bops3 before h5. I have never been so robbed by Activision.
  4. Look at CoD pre Bo2 there was alot more shady shit.It just wasnt put on blast so easily. Now if someone farts everyone on twitter will read and re tweet their opinion s
  5. That moment when watching giggle monsters stream and says " ill play halo 5 competivly if I find a good team" so ii say in chat. " you're a suddoth if that" and get banned from chat lol. #TruthHurts
  6. COD blows if he stays with it then good for him halo has plenty talented players. Halo doesnt need formal, even how much you guys miss him.
  7. Crime decreasing in the U.S. are you high.? Lol have the time our country are the ones supplying the weapons to other countries.
  8. Wheres victory x or sayins shout outs???? They won a national while apart of FB
  9. Those numbers are ridicules, imagine that halo had that amount
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