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  1. Heard plenty of rumours prior to the HWC finals taking place. Would appear as though one is at least half right already. It'll be interesting to see if the rest happen.
  2. Simple way to determine if you should or not. Have you liked any Halo game in the last 10 years? If yes, might as well keep. If no, why the hell haven't you moved on with your life.
  3. First thing I noticed.. and it bothers me for some reason.
  4. At this stage.. I'm wondering if they will withhold the patch until after the HCS finals.
  5. I think Elamite is a good example of how important a coach can be to a team (not trying to take anything away from you). But after watching Elamite compete for so many years, and knowing his voice well as a result. You could clearly distinguish his coaching a tournament or two ago when we had an Optic listen in. He sounded like a General out there positioning his troops, and telling them when and where to launch their attacks. To me it seemed very valuable to have someone that could see the bigger picture, and make those decisions/calls for the team.
  6. I don't believe a single thing these guys say anymore. 1th - They never could of imagined the game releasing in such a broken state, with so many bugs etc. 2rd - Most games are played on dedicated servers. 3st - There is no penalty to hip fire in H5. 4rd - 11% of people do not want sprint. 5st - *23% of people do not want sprint. I'm sure there are more things said that are most certainly lies.. but these are off the top of my head.
  7. I find it humorous that at the time of this post, 11% of the people here voted "Great. Looking forward to Halo 5!"
  8. I'll believe it when they announce a different date. The post by 343's Tashi was ridiculous "lol that, "clock" reads different numbers everyday. I don't think anyone actually knows what it's for." They slipped up, it's not like a November 2015 release will take anybody by surprise any ways.
  9. H1 kids hate H2. H2 kids hate H3. H3 kids hate Reach. Reach kids hate H4. What chance does Halo have of being seen in a favourable light, when even the players within the series hate the majority of the tiles within the franchise?
  10. From the home screen press the menu button on the main tile containing the game, and choose Quit Game or whatever it is called. Then load your game again.
  11. I wouldn't jump to that conclusion. As of now I would just assume its purely for aesthetics at this time, which is more or less the same functionality clan tags have in other games. Of course nothing would be stopping you from playing clan matches in custom games. I'd love for minor/major to come back, but I'm not going to assume this means they will.
  12. Seems obvious to me. Service ID: normal call out tag. Clan Tag: tag prefixed to gamertag, see Battlefield, Call of Duty, etc.
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