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  1. Umm, I think there is a problem but so far only for Big Team Skirmish because its based on individual not Win/Loss, I get challenges or commendations done in Big Team Skirmish so I go about +30 every game and to start with I wasn't progressing above 1 and then 2 and now after what seems like 50 games of positive bombs I'm only a SIX! It doesn't usually happen with any other playlists so I don't know
  2. It's actually quite hard to pick two finalists, it could go anyway in my opinion but the teams that stick out with players that will do well are East team 3 - Lethul, Heinz, Trey and Mikwen and East Team 2 - Sud 2, Pistola, Ryanoob and Flamesword. I think those two contain the greatest combination of skill.
  3. The game with the greatest story/campaign that I couldn't put down (apart from Halo) was Batman Arkham Asylum, I loved that game so much but Age of Mythology was just another great game that I just couldn't stop playing
  4. First time I got matched against a pro was in a Sanc CTF game where me and my two friends got matched up against Heinz... just Heinz and he ended up going +50 against us with a frenzy in there somewhere to After that just Formal a few times where I also got shit on - he doesn't miss with the sniper haha
  5. Oh, In that case I would probably have Onyx ts and Simplex flag only because I have played those two, I haven't tested Onyx flag yet but I'm guessing it would run quite nicely.
  6. Slayer: Haven Skyline Simplex Onyx Abandon CTF: Simplex Onyx Skyline Ext: Station 9 Monolith Hill: Orion That is my personal choice of a lineup (as well as no sprint)
  7. Add me, I'm down for some Infinity Slayer, trying to get a 50 in it GT: Inferno ehh
  8. Yeah totally man, I have barely anybody right now on my list, I will add you later tonight
  9. Oh yeah and so it is, my bad, I was probably getting confused with the older versions of simplex and Splashes which was being tested long ago, that had a sticky in the middle. Onslaught would be great.
  10. I'm for the removal of sprint in v5 and obviously if they did then they would have to adjust some of the forged maps, but all the pre-made maps were built with sprint in mind so it would be hard. I think sprint ruins competitive Halo a lot, even though these past events have been fun to watch, I feel it's all chaotic and map control and distinct sides to a map as well just the Halo competitive feel have been thrown out the window I reckon they should also remake a fan favorite map from like Halo 3 and include some power weapons or "better" power weapons in the maps, the sticky detonator is in nearly every map and then the scatter shot is considered a power weapon in maps like onyx and simplex. I still think though, that with every version though Halo is improving so much
  11. Hey, I just joined, been playing Halo for a long time but started playing Halo 4 again and trying to become more active in the competitive community
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