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  1. I think I may have the most saved req points in the world. Anyone have more than 16 mil?
  2. Does the open circuit still have cups or tournaments or anything? Sorry if this has been brought up often, havent been around in months.
  3. Im in! im 33 and i know at least two other people that would be interested. I believe there is enough support for this. Please keep us updated if you really start this.
  4. Guys! I have been out of the loop so long. Can someone try to give me the relevant news from June and July? Team changes? Drama? ESL or 343 announcements? Ive missed whatever happened. Thank you!
  5. I just spent the better part of the last 3 days catching up on about 3 weeks worth of this thread. Some takeaways: - i dont recommend doing what i just did - power rankings are for shits and giggles, anyone who is offended by them in some way should prolly reevaluate their life - Gary is an asshat - APG is not - ESL are heroes for listening to the fans and modifying their format - for anyone like myself who finds it impossible to keep up with the forums, HCS Now seems like an efficient way to keep up to date with things, check it out
  6. Str8 swept Crowd Control 4-0, Dany Knight goosed in a Truth CTF
  7. The Halo youtube has been hot fuckin fire lately. Love seeing them in my subscriptions feed these days.
  8. I like this Rinnegan guy. He looks like he's having a blast playing Halo.
  9. Wow, americans in the chat are making the US look EVEN MORE racist, ignorant, and entitled than we are.
  10. Anybody familiar with the Mexico scene? Are there any teams in Latin America that are actual threats for NA teams?
  11. Do we know specifically when the Halo portion of X-Games will start on each day, or is that information still pending?
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