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  1. I think you did, but I admire champions who are never afraid to put'em up, be it in the streets or in the ring.
  2. Looking to get some answers on why NV(other teams too) wouldn't scrim Optic in the weeks before season finals? I have a few speculations of my own but want others to comment on the topic. Wondering if this will continue into next season as well.
  3. I'm just saying this just because it is notable to me. I know its H4 and no one really cares about those achievements during AGL, but the losers bracket run that Ninja made with team Requiem (Ace, Derskee, Legit) was quite the achievement in my opinion. It was the most exciting Halo I've watched in recent years, but whatever my point holds just as much value as yours probably. -p.s. I stopped lurking for this ...been forever since I logged back in peace
  4. Do you think that 343 is going to have another big event and will it be 4v4?
  5. Warhouse looked so much better than adrift
  6. do you think ricochet is a bad idea? cant remember your thoughts on it from last weeks round table talk
  7. this should work was watching snakebite last night he was doing well in throwdown and customs with formal and 2gre but he well need to practice quite a bit at this game to get up to what the the top pros understand about this game(skill gap!!) but he should have enough time almost 2 month lets go team Requiem!
  8. My preditction is Reqiuem looking to get Cloud
  9. the point is around 8:50 in Moving Foward
  10. I feel sorry for Ninja its like he cant keep a team together for more than 2 tourneys. Gonna miss Brizz being in the Ninja streams during scrims. I hope Heinz or 2gre(if he decideds to actually start competing 4v4 which probably wont happen and he can perform!) to go to reqieum but after all this i just feel http://31.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lyog5p0oaA1qg6og6o1_500.gif

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