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  1. Movement speed and abilities, game type, the map, and kill times.
  2. You guys sure like to talk about a lot of stuff that no one with any power will ever read.
  3. ??? I have been nothing but a positive and encouraging member of this forum. Not sure why I'm getting excluded from the festivities.
  4. “Halo kids have always been gross” lmao. Just yesterday I was talking about how Halo players have the fattest egos out of any other gaming community.
  5. This made me wonder if a mouse + joystick setup is feasible. Mouse in right hand, joystick in the left with any necessary buttons in some appropriately ergonomic arrangement.
  6. Make it like CSGO where holding shift gives you a set walking speed. Movement speed is much more important in CS than Halo, so if it works there it should be no problem for Halo. It’s rare that you’d actually want to walk in Halo anyway, and crouching is also an option.
  7. So I couldn’t help but notice that the map rotation is still fucked and I thought back to this post. 343 seriously has a knack for fucking something up, and then acting like it was somehow the community’s whining which was the only reason they begrudgingly end up changing it. This didn’t even make me that mad when I first read their notes, but after noticing the map rotation hasn’t changed at all after their “update” I’m a little heated. Like, how dare they imply the map rotation was somehow evenly split and working perfectly fine and they just HAD to change it because the community wasn’t satisfied. How the hell is this even something that gets messed up? The only maps I ever get are Tempest, and three other maps that start with “Break”. Even with a 4 map rotation it still feels like 2 because THREE OF THEM HAVE THE SAME FUCKING NAME.
  8. I'd argue it's amazing how little they had to get out of the way. Bloom and armor abilities.
  9. Back in my day we didn't have all of these shiny in-game currencies and cosmetic pieces. You know why we played? For the love of the game. Kids these days always need something; the next chest piece, the next level, the next dancing animation. You know what kept us going back in the day? The next gun fight, the next kill, the next win. It was a struggle in those days, but by golly we made it. The new generation has no idea.
  10. I really don't mean to sound like a gatekeeper but if you seriously don't feel like playing a game because you're progressing through a totally arbitrary system just a little too slowly, maybe video games aren't for you? I really feel like some of these people could get more enjoyment or productivity out of another hobby. It's such a strange mentality to me.
  11. Can I just say... I cannot stand posts like these. I don’t understand why people even bother playing video games if not for the enjoyment of playing itself. It’s such a shame how much people have been conditioned to play for some totally arbitrary “progression”. Less relevant to Halo, but it’s even more embarrassing when someone whines about the cosmetic unlocking system in a free game.
  12. I started to cry a little when one of those mongoloid AR-using Waypoint-posting knuckleheads responded “tldr”. Halo was literally my entire life, all of my good memories and happy feelings came from this game. To see someone so disrespectful to the fine stratagems and thought-processes behind one of the games of our generation sent me into a blood-curdling rage. FUCK Waypoint, man. FUCK THEM AND FUCK THOSE MODS. I am seething and my heart is broken. Fuck this stupid world man.
  13. I’ve played a lot of Counter-Strike and Reach on PC feels fine to me. I guess I wasn’t expecting the world out of a port of a 10 year old game. Some of you need to accept that this port was never going to bring Halo back into mainstream relevancy. It’s not gaining players not because KBM players feel like they’re OUTRIGHT USELESS and need MASSIVE ASSISTENCE to keep up. It’s not gaining players because people don’t want to play a game they’ve played before. I’m just waiting to see what Infinite is like at this point. I expect more out of that game as it’s being built specifically for PC.
  14. I don’t expect 343 to make any balance changes to Reach. That’s not a knock on them; the game is nearing 10 years old and is only the first in a series of 4 other games to be released on MCC. And this is all while Infinite is released less than a year from now. I understand maybe there’s some balance issues with Reach on PC but I just can’t see them wasting dev time tuning a decade-old game that they didn’t even make.
  15. Does anyone know why I keep getting only a very select few maps? I have not played a single game of Boneyard or Spire. The vast majority of BtB maps I'm getting are Breakthrough some other map that starts with Break.
  16. Understandable. Tell your girlfriend her shirt is pretty.
  17. Are you in a hall way or something? Why is there a courtesy phone?
  18. I probably don’t need to say this here, but in case we have any new Team Beyond users, do not trust any form of hybrid citrus. Only natural citrus such as Pomelos, Mandarins, and Citrons are a valid source of information.
  19. I agree completely. Back when Reach came out nearly all of my buddies from school, none of whom were competitive players at all, quit playing the game because “it wasn’t the same”, “I prefer the classic Halo games”, etc. It was odd to me how much support these games get now, but like you said at this point most of the players who enjoyed Halo pre-Reach have left. It was not a controversial opinion at all that Reach was bad.
  20. I believe a 3-shot weapon with 0.4s fire rate has a 1.2s kill time. Alternatively we could do a 800,000-shot gun with a fire rate of 1m rounds per second, but I fear the casuals may not be able to comprehend such a number, so I think the 3-shot weapon is the way we go.

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