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  1. Waypoint: Statistical analysis of controller vs. KBM effectiveness Team Beyond: Lore discussion Time to take my talents to the real home of competitive Halo discussion. Cya lore kids.
  2. Of note to me has been that all of the ire has been directed towards customization and battle pass woes, and none of it towards lack of content. This is an absolute slam dunk for 343. Slightly dial back the pricing and challenges, take a massive W for responding to criticism, get off the hook totally for the most barebones Halo experience ever.
  3. To many posters here (too many to list...), I’m sorry I started a group DM and fooled many of you into thinking it was @Shekkles birthday and encouraging you to send him a Happy Birthday DM.
  4. @ripharambe I’m sorry I invited you to a DM and tried to use @Shekkles to intimidate you into changing a Thonking into a Simms or Like reaction on one of my posts.
  5. I’m sorry I told you I wanted to shove your toes until they popped out the other side of your foot yesterday.
  6. I’m not buying at all the idea that Infinite is on the same level as H3s AR solely because they are both 15/16sk. The massive range on the Infinite AR is what’s making other weapons (pistol, commando) so useless. Anyone can see they are clearly not comparable in terms of effectiveness regardless of stk. Also, if @Mr Grim’s above post is correct, the fire rate is even faster. Thank you Mr Grim for one of your best posts on Team Beyond.
  7. Ok, one more time so your tiny brain understands: 1.) I have never threatened to stick my foot in any orifice. 2.) That screenshot would not be admissible as evidence in a court of law, and you therefore cannot legally prove that I threatened to sit on you.
  8. If you had half an ounce of brain matter you’d know that I was referring to pushing his toes through his own foot until they reached the opposite side of his foot, generally around the heel area. Not sure why everything has to take on strange sexual undertones with you but here we are I guess.
  9. Why would I lie about my FoV? Why is that a thing that would even cross my mind?
  10. I’d like to shove your toes in until they come out your heels you cretin
  11. I will pay you literally $1,000 dollars for that ticket. What would you rather have? $1,000, or having to spend the evening with some schmuck named @Bloodshot1990? Imagine using your parents birth-year in your username.
  12. I have no doubt all these reports of cheaters are of controller players. Red reticle was already removed on PC so we know it can’t be M&K players. Why does that Kotaku article mention that 343 has yet to find an anti-cheat solution? Just implement the solution ALREADY implemented for PC! It almost boggles the mind how they haven’t done this already.
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