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  1. I wish I cared as much about anything as you do FOV in Halo.
  2. Seems more like a zoom just without the traditional scope view. CS used to do the same thing but added a scope view. People were afraid it was the introduction of ADS at the time but at this point I don't think anyone would still call it that.
  3. That was fun. I think that was 2 years ago now. Weird to think about. I'm glad people remember it though.
  4. It's hard to believe we're coming up on the next E3 already.
  5. its 4 bucks for a bus but I just spent $1.65 on hot chocolate and I need to buy a lunch later.......I really want to go home
  6. I usually have a bagel with cream cheese in the mornings. I find that cereal usually doesn’t keep me satisfied for long. At the same time I won’t feel good if I eat too large or substantial of a breakfast, so the bagel is a good medium. In the event that I run out of bagels I’ll opt for either Frosted Flakes or Cocoa Krispies that I’ll supplement with a breakfast bar later in the morning.
  7. They have time to port 5 games to PC but we still don't have a weekly top 100 fails video hosted on Waypoint? Super glad to see where the dev time and attention has went. Just wish Blizzard would take control of the game again.
  8. Going to have to end the bickering here; any further flaming or insults will result in a ban.
  9. Regardless of Infinite, I think it is pretty amazing that somehow 343 has the time to open up an amusement park, but still can't add a playlist for people who want to roleplay as Grunts in matchmaking.
  10. I think based on the timing of these events, we can infer two things: 1.) Halo:Infinite is releasing in 2019 and 343 is holding these events to generate hype to carry over into the game release as a marketing tactic. 2.) Halo:Infinite is not releasing in 2019 and 343 is holding these events to keep fan interest and morale until a later release date. Based on this, we can safely infer that Halo:Infinite is either releasing this year or later.
  11. I’m thinking there should also be different skills that can be leveled up like cooking (preventing hunger levels from rising), hand-to-hand combat and aiming (gives player the option of being a brawler or a sharpshooter) or gun-making (for making guns). Let me know what you guys think.
  12. I’m pretty sure Ogre 2 has specifically clarified that he never made that comment some time ago here on TB.

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