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  1. Considering 343's track record the route Cyberpunk took, it's far easier for me to imagine that Halo Infinite ends up Cyberpunk-tier broken despite the delay.
  2. Halo was more popular than CS and TF2 combined in the Halo 3 days.
  3. I genuinely wonder if they really thought this game was still launching in November as late as August.
  4. I suppose we all fell for the "5 years of development" bait.
  5. No one talks shit about my friend Reamis and gets away with it
  6. How come every time @Reamis25 makes posts they are so devastating in their number and power of destruction?
  7. Interesting how I go to sleep last night and everything is normal in this thread only to wake up the next morning to find 9 new pages of activity. Something seems fraudulent to me.
  8. @Reamis25 may genuinely be about 25% of this website's forum activity.
  9. I won’t wanna be the poor sap who will have to make the decision to vaguely delay the game to “2022”.
  10. Unless you were there yourself to hear Tim Longo not say those words, you can't be certain.
  11. That leak from Longo is probably fake. If they had really started development in 2018 the game would be a lot further along now than it is.
  12. My insiders are telling me medals will cost $2.50 each to unlock in order to earn them in multiplayer.
  13. Most people only really use one color scheme + emblem. We’re talking maybe $20 to get your spartan colors and the emblem you want. Not bad. Very generous of them.
  14. What makes you think they’re not monetizing those things as well?
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