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  1. After running the calculations I predict 343 will inadvertently chance upon a good Halo game when Halo 1,367 releases in about 7,000 years.
  2. I am personally partial to the idea @TeeJaY's suggestion of increasing duration for every kill.
  3. I'm surprised there's an ounce of interest left for H5.
  4. Please keep all discussion related to MCC in the MCC thread. Thanks, NavG123
  5. Is the hit reg update currently live in the non-beta version of MCC or is it only in beta?
  6. People have been complaining about non-sense issues for so long that 343 thinks a return to "classic Halo" is black undersuits. Also if you boys could do me a favor and smash that subscribe button it'd be much appreciated.
  7. I don't really understand why it takes 343 so long to make updates anyway. The first weapon balance update to H5 came like 7-8 months after the game released. They must lay off the contractors that make up 90% of their productivity immediately after a game releases.
  8. This comment just took me back... During the H5 beta someone argued that the excessively bright energy sword was meant to serve as a check to its longer range when zoomed in. The Halo community has exposed me to its fair share of dumbassery.
  9. I haven't thought about this in like 3 years... but why was there a delay when meleeing in mid-air in Halo 5?
  10. That trailer wasn’t intended to be a gameplay reveal. It was a cry for help from devs that knew this shit was a dumpster fire...
  11. Going to be totally honest here; I didn't even know this game was going to be released on the XB1 until they delayed it.
  12. 1 BR for $1300 in the north Chicago suburbs. Not cheap but the location and amenities make it a really convenient place for me.
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