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  1. *Proceeds to dive deeper with this particular personal embarrassment that they unsensibly posted on the internet.*
  2. The first 6/7 of those items was done successfully in 2007.
  3. It's funny to think that one of the draws for Halo 5 was no paid DLC. Every single post-release map was so bad it might as well have been no DLC.
  4. Anyone else think this game may have had a better chance if only 2-3 industries were working on the game? 343 seems excessive, I get the sense this may be a too-many-cooks-in-the-kitchen situation.
  5. They have to successfully kick the PAT while stopping the other team from blocking it. I can argue that they do earn the point.
  6. Must you have such a condescending tone, young child?
  7. First picture is a surveyor's tripod. Top left of the last picture is a ruler. The right side are mountains that were drawn with the straight-edge of the ruler. They just forgot to pick up the ruler before they took the screenshot.
  8. I'm not sure what exactly would have changed 10 years ago to change your opinion.
  9. I don't think we'll ever have a stats hub as complete as B.net ever again. In a technical sense, Halo and B.net were so ahead of their time.
  10. Considering 343's track record the route Cyberpunk took, it's far easier for me to imagine that Halo Infinite ends up Cyberpunk-tier broken despite the delay.
  11. Halo was more popular than CS and TF2 combined in the Halo 3 days.
  12. I genuinely wonder if they really thought this game was still launching in November as late as August.
  13. I suppose we all fell for the "5 years of development" bait.
  14. No one talks shit about my friend Reamis and gets away with it
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