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  1. its honest about tmie this happen, classic halo is like spongebob and new halo is like danny phantom, yes back in past they are neck and neck but longevity is key and danny phanton is no more but spongebob still have season (even though spongebob season now is not good) but i think it can still work out, they both still have big fanbase but it is clear which one has real good fan big and other small like biggie
  2. You guys have been arguing over the same things for years. Can you all just shut the fraction up and discuss something new like how they confirmed black undersuits are back, and how we haven't seen the Target Locator since Reach?
  3. I hope we can get some more Arbiter levels, or at least levels from the perspective of some higher-up Elite. That was my favorite part of Halo 2.
  4. I hope they add environmental objects that can splatter someone if they hit them in just the right way at the right speed. The H3 traffic cones on Pit for example.
  5. At least the campaign players are loyal. A good campaign is still played decades after the original release of the game. All you MM kids dump a game as soon as the next new shiny one comes out. Zero loyalty.
  6. Honestly its been nearly a decade since Reach was released. Some of you losers need to get over it.
  7. There’s no way they’d put abilities into the game after they played the classic CE drum music.
  8. But they put the classic shield recharge noise back in.
  9. You guys should be happy they even hold tournaments for your ungrateful asses at all. You want to know when the next tournament is? Set it up and announce it yourself. We’re in the United States of America 🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾, not the Welfare States of America. And if you don’t like it then get out.
  10. I wish I cared as much about anything as you do FOV in Halo.
  11. Seems more like a zoom just without the traditional scope view. CS used to do the same thing but added a scope view. People were afraid it was the introduction of ADS at the time but at this point I don't think anyone would still call it that.

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