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  1. Well all I'm saying is maybe you should have let me know before I submitted my survey.
  2. Why don't you fucking relax. When have I ever said stupid shit?
  3. So we’re all in agreement that playable brutes are priority #1?
  4. Seeing as how I am the only member of Team Beyond deemed to be of such standing and skill level so as to receive a survey, I will make sure to fight for our interests with sufficient zeal and fervor befitting the passions of this community. I believe that by the time Halo:Infinite is released, we can all look on with pride at our role in crafting a game fit for our illustrious community.
  5. @Reamis25 is the only good player on this forum. I’m not surprised that he and I are the only ones to have received a survey.
  6. I was getting 60-80 in the academy mode on a Ryzen 1600/GTX 1070 on low settings. I’d guess it would be worse in an actual match. They have a lot of work left to make this game acceptable on PC it seems.
  7. What FPS were you averaging and what’s your setup? I see the indicator in the top right but it’s too small to read.
  8. I hear 343 only sent surveys to players above a certain skill level. If you didn’t receive one it is because your skill level was determined to be too low for your opinion to matter. Maybe next time.
  9. Did you check your email? My survey came in through my Promotions (spam) folder on gmail. I find it hard to believe that someone who participated in the flight wouldn’t get a survey. I believe those should have went to everyone who played.
  10. Halo had always been a “few tweaks” away from being good. They almost never make those tweaks, or if they do they can’t help but put their own spin on them (nerfing automatics, but adding headshot multipliers to them). I would encourage anyone who did the flight to do the survey. It is pretty thorough.
  11. No it doesn't. No it doesn't, no it can't, no it can't, no it can't. No it doesn't.
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