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  1. I like the way Oldschool Runescape makes gameplay decisions by allowing players to vote on them. I suspect if 343 employed that method then the community would not have approved of adding screen-tearing to the game.
  2. If any of those action figures have a grappling hook attachment I’m done with Halo.
  3. @Shekkles don't think I didn't notice you changed your reaction from fire to toxic. What astounds me is you actually thought about your reaction use and thought "no, toxic would suit the situation more".
  4. Get your mind out of the Halo 4.
  5. I don't want to play a game where I shell out $150 for a controller that I have to perform maintenance on every 3 months just so I can keep my thumb on the joystick when I thrust.
  6. They're probably thinking of some non-sense abilities to map to buttons to sell more Elite controllers.
  7. I always said Reece-ees. Reece-ees piece-ees.
  8. Movement speed and abilities, game type, the map, and kill times.
  9. You guys sure like to talk about a lot of stuff that no one with any power will ever read.
  10. ??? I have been nothing but a positive and encouraging member of this forum. Not sure why I'm getting excluded from the festivities.
  11. “Halo kids have always been gross” lmao. Just yesterday I was talking about how Halo players have the fattest egos out of any other gaming community.
  12. This made me wonder if a mouse + joystick setup is feasible. Mouse in right hand, joystick in the left with any necessary buttons in some appropriately ergonomic arrangement.
  13. Make it like CSGO where holding shift gives you a set walking speed. Movement speed is much more important in CS than Halo, so if it works there it should be no problem for Halo. It’s rare that you’d actually want to walk in Halo anyway, and crouching is also an option.
  14. So I couldn’t help but notice that the map rotation is still fucked and I thought back to this post. 343 seriously has a knack for fucking something up, and then acting like it was somehow the community’s whining which was the only reason they begrudgingly end up changing it. This didn’t even make me that mad when I first read their notes, but after noticing the map rotation hasn’t changed at all after their “update” I’m a little heated. Like, how dare they imply the map rotation was somehow evenly split and working perfectly fine and they just HAD to change it because the community wasn’t satisfied. How the hell is this even something that gets messed up? The only maps I ever get are Tempest, and three other maps that start with “Break”. Even with a 4 map rotation it still feels like 2 because THREE OF THEM HAVE THE SAME FUCKING NAME.

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