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  1. One trend I've been seeing a lot these past 10 years is games moving away from custom server browsers and more towards a rigid matchmaking system. The Counter-Strike franchise is a prime example, and in my opinion worse off for it. The quality and variety of custom servers has drastically decreased despite the massive population increase, and many people's experience is the MM system which to be honest isn't a great one, and especially awful for first-time players. I hope 343 bucks the trend and gives us a fleshed out server browser and embraces custom game modes with weekly events for some of them. I think some of the most effective marketing for games these days is videos posted on social media and word of mouth, and 343 really needs to hand the creative reins over to the community for that to happen. I want the game to have classic mechanics, but Halo is a social/party game first and foremost. I hope they embrace the social aspect and give the competitive community the tools and ability to develop organically. I think Halo 5 was an excellent lesson in that you can't force a healthy and successful community by injecting money into it.
  2. Why would they go for a Thursday morning reveal? Not trying to bash; just not sure why they'd pick that over a Friday evening/Saturday time.
  3. I really doubt that this was the actual intention.
  4. If there's one thing that's less likely than the removal of sprint, it's a strong < 1s kill-time utility weapon. I don't think they will ever create a weapon that takes on a role/function anywhere near the CE pistol.
  5. If you want to talk about how the player has gradually been made powerless, talk about how you can't drive a vehicle with the objective like you could in CE.
  6. Centuries from now when historians are trying to piece together the events that lead to the riots of 2020 they will trace the cause back to this post.
  7. There's a group of players in every Halo game who are just good enough to roll the Team Slayer playlist or statwhore in Team Objective as a TO4 but not good enough to make their mark in the MLG/competitive playlist. You can always tell when you're playing these people when the enemy team knows weapon/power-up spawns on maps like Assembly, Snowbound, Orbital, etc.
  8. Interesting thought: Even if the Flood defeated the armies of the Milky Way, they would never allow sentient life to go extinct, much less wipe them out themselves. If their source of food totally perished, they would starve out, which is exactly what the rings were meant to do. I think the most likely end-game of the Flood is to keep sentient life alive, but in some sort of powerless captive state where a portion would be periodically culled by the Flood for food. The Flood has already been shown to be capable of this kind of strategy when they intentionally did not infect humans during the Forerunner-Human war to make the Humans believe they had found a cure for the Flood. Food for thought.
  9. Bunch of absolute lore nerds taking over my thread.
  10. Even worse is people who play video games for "enjoyment". Games are art, and art is pain. It's a craft to be honed over thousands of hours. If you've never thrown a controller at a wall, if you've never called a bad teammate a racial slur, if you've never dampened a chair after a close game, don't you fucking dare call yourself a "gamer". If you want "fun", go toss a ball in a hoop with your dumbass friends outside.
  11. Lowering the bridge to the turbine, and opening the gate to the base. Were there more?
  12. MCC continues to take the cake for the strangest, most bizarre, and most game-breaking glitches I've ever seen.

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