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  1. So many similarities between Nv and Splyce, both have four players that can consistently win 1v1 battles, which is the only way to beat optic. Not going to be better objectively/team working than optic consistiently. I'm hopeful for a NV optic LBF. That's HYPE
  2. Kinda a side note I was thinking about, seeing where everyone is in the standings, fin EG does end up finishing 3-4 and ends up on the 5/6 slot, wonder if a top 4 team takes a look at tapping buttons, seeing as he is seemingly on the path to proving he is the real deal. Down the line of course after dreamhack
  3. I agree with the sentiment that comp halo needs some new gametypes. Three I've always though would fit both the map and gametype would be KOTH on empire, assault on truth and oddball on rig. On pros growing the scene/their own brand, think the point made about them streaming other games was a good one. I used to love watching halo pros/cod pros stream destiny raids, I definitely followed some people I normally wouldn't have because of it
  4. Honestly thought renegod should have stayed top yard, scoping at the br. I feel good about him hitting a headshot on a guy popping out to challenge him
  5. So hyped str8 pulled that W out. Renegade and Heinz played unbelievable. So great to have a series actually be competitive lol. Would love to see liquid kick optic to the lbf. Feel like that would hype up championship Sunday another notch
  6. How underrated of a move was it when LG picked up saiyan? They honestly play this game really well, just tough when there are three other great teams
  7. I think it's interesting that all the talk is about what happens to roybox if EG doesn't qualify. But more interesting to me is what happens to splyce/ALG if they don't. Wonder if those rosters stay together, got a lot of talent not in worlds
  8. Tbh I love this whole power rankings thing. It will give us something to talk (argue) about during the down time between league matches. Especially once teams start practicing on nightly basis again.
  9. Lotta discussion about power weapons, specifically the hydra, lately. Makes me wonder why the Grenade launcher from halo reach never came back. I'd prefer it to both the hydra and plasma caster, having the element of timing the explosion to me seems like a skill rather than spamming the trigger for the caster or hydra
  10. I'd love to see Heinz and danoxide stay together and team up with apg in the challenger. I know @@aPG said he wants to join during the roster change periods for pro league but I think if they had a solid fourth with them, they could make some noise
  11. How good is stellur jeez. Everytime he's on stream he makes a smart play. Really to bad apg had to have that accident
  12. I may be the only one, but I love how up in the air the LCQ feels this weekend. I have no clue who is gonna qualify. Which to me is really exciting.
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