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  1. is this like when refs completely blow a call, so then they call some pedantic crap to make up for it?
  2. I remember Ninja saying (maybe a chat alert idk) that Victory would be out of town for a while, thus no scrims for like a week.
  3. Nah, it's cool because it's all according to the rules and Cratos is a genius for finding and exploiting a loophole for a business decision. It's not shady or unethical because ESL confirmed the loophole and is just throwing their hands up and saying meh, rules are rules, congrats Cratos. Naded justifies the situation by saying that ALG could have done the same thing. AKA, submitting a roster with Contra and Devon with Commonly and Spartan as the new members, then immediately dropping Contra and Devon, keeping the seed via the other two then adding the two new members. Which ALG didn't do because it's totally messed up and who in their right mind would be ok with doing that (Cratos). As it continues, we learn ESL was directly involved and ok with the situation, and we have Cratos/Shooter/Bubu confirming that they did not collaborate on this decision at all, showing that ESL support of the situation is baseless. As a robot with no human emotions or ethics, this is a perfectly logical situation. As a human with a sense of decency, it is absolutely ridiculous. I honestly didn't think I could dislike a certain player even more than I already did. But the reality of this game and everything that goes with it never ceases to amaze me. This makes me realize that my favorite game franchise lives in the same universe as the bullshit corporate job I go to every day. There is no escape. And I am sad.
  4. Looks like they threw some dried up dog turds in a basket. Uh, I mean... ooo Faze
  5. You can buy new announcer voices now. A grunt is one of the options. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/halo-5-guardians-voices-of-war-req-pack/bnkhz50b97rh
  6. I remember that being a big issue in Halo 3 that took far too long to get patched out, if it ever did, not sure.
  7. The lesson here is that you should let the animation 100% complete or this could happen.
  8. I'm not sure what their obsession is with big shiny moving structures on maps. Like, who looked at that abomination on Mercy and was like "yep, not only does that make sense and look good, there's absolutely no reason we shouldn't toe the line of performance and framerate issues. Ship it boys!" Even if it doesn't have a negative effect on performance, why do it? Seems like they over-design a lot of things, and Orion 2 continues that trend.
  9. This may have already been mentioned, but I wanted to point it out if not. Wasn't there a small tournament before H5 launched, might have been Gamescom, where they were using dev builds of the game and they had the radar on but said it was supposed to be off so they covered them with stickers on the monitors? Why did they flip-flop on that decision for competitive play immediately after launch?
  10. I made the first version of this when the old NV did well against CLG. Seemed like a good time to update it.
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