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  1. I just recently bought the game and am awful at it (just FYI). Also, don't have a mic yet. I'm mostly looking to play for fun. Th3CodeMan Mostly Matchmaking until I get the hang of things. NA/East Coast.
  2. Yeah, I agree. It's just worth discussing evey factor in my opinion. I'm not trying to make excuses for anyone losing. Only the best team deserves to win. That team, until proven otherwise, is EG.
  3. I do not disagree at all. I just feel like people are throwing it away a non factor. Everything is a factor, whether it be the mental game, a player performing poorly, the other team being on fire or anything else that can effect the outcome of the game. No factor should be thrown away and no factor should be viewed as the end all be all of a match either.
  4. I remember people talking about all of the restarts in season one breaking the momentum of the team that was up/won the game that had to be restarted. The reality is that Winterfox goes from pulling out a tight, clutch win in their minds, to feeling screwed over by the game and HCS rulings. I think that they would have lost that series regardless, but can we not pretend that the replay had no effect on their mental state. Before you call me a Winterfox fanboy, I did not predict them to win the event (I had them 3rd). I also do not think that they would have won that series, even if they had been been allowed to play game 4. Something can have effect and be a factor without changing the result. I didn't see most of the event, so I don't really know how they played. Just based on the results, I don't think 4th place for their first LAN event (and Randa's first H2A event, I believe) is nothing for them to be ashamed of.
  5. Is anyone else having a tough time hearing Side?
  6. Predictions: 1. Evil Geniuses 2. Denial 3. Team Randa 4. CLG 5. C9 6. Noble Black 7. Optic 8. Elevate The current top 8 seeds actually look pretty accurate to me (as least as far as the teams in it). Randa, Denial and CLG have all been very good in their scrims, but I need to see them beat or hold their own against EG at a LAN event before I can even consider not putting EG first. Honestly, the competition seems pretty tight. I would not be horribly surprised to see any of 5-8 teams end up in the top 4. There are also some bubble teams I wouldn't be surprised to see crack the top 8. This should be a fun event.
  7. Yeah, I think we're actually in agreement here. I don't think it's the only reason either. I just think it was a factor, just like the TR misplays were a factor.
  8. If you actually read my post, you would have noticed I said people said that when the team first formed and always played on Randa's host. You just said EG played poorly and still won. Maybe that doesn't happen if they play poorly and do not have quad host. Maybe it does. You said earlier that Randa lost because of misplays and downplayed the role of host in those games.
  9. I'm not saying there were no mistakes made by Team Randa, but when you are playing the best team on their quad host, those mistakes are amplified. When Team Randa was winning when they first formed, a lot of people were saying it was because Randa had host. Now, when EG has quad host, people are saying host doesn't matter on xbl. Maybe Team Randa would have lost regardless, but please do not act like host is not a major factor online.
  10. C9 definitely shouldn't be counted out. You learn more from losses than you do wins and these are four players with a strong track record of success. They may very well have things figured out by the first event (C9 also has a history of playing better on LAN as well). The competition looks a bit tougher this season though. It will be fun to see if they put it together. On paper, they should be very good.
  11. I don't really want to get into this discussion of what terms are and are not appropriate to use, but I do want to say something about blacklisting teams or leaving mid scrim to play another team. The reality is that EVERY team should drop everything to face EG, CLG or Denial (or any team better than yours). You can say whatever you want as to to the legitimacy of online results, but it does a team no good to play a team they have consistently swept when a team they lose to or split games with wants to scrim. You do not improve by playing teams you beat consistently. You are only improving that losing team. And again, one can make the argument that on LAN or in a tournament, the results wouldn't be so lopsided. However, these are not LANs and are the only real pre-event practice most teams get. They need to make it count.
  12. Damn, Anarchy can't seem to catch a break. He's been one of my favorite players for a while. Hopefully he can still put something together.
  13. Tsquared was a skilled and intelligent player and was, in many ways, the face and voice of the game that we all love so much. It is sad to see him retire, but I am excited to see what he does next. I hope that he knows how truly thankful we all are for his contributions to the scene
  14. I like Goldenboy as a caster. I love the excitement and enthusiasm he brings. Simms and Bravo bring that as well. I agree with every one else. If we had one of those three, combined with Walshy, Side, Ghost, Tsquared (depending on what he does for S2 and beyond) and so on, we would have a great combination of excellent play by play and strong insight into the strategies and nuances of high level competitive play.
  15. I would like to see a new map that plays king and ball well come and replace Warlord Ball and King. Those gametypes are fine, but no map should play more than three gametypes.
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