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  1. Huge news about F2P. Will give so many more people the opportunity to play and reduce the barrier to entry. Honestly couldn't care less if this means there are some micro-transactions, that's never really bothered me.
  2. "EG definitely didn't get better with Ninja and Victory" - Lethul 9/14/16
  3. https://clips.twitch.tv/ninja/DarkWoodpeckerAsianGlow Lol
  4. Ninja was one of the best and most consistent players on a team that was top 4 this season. But yeah, he's not a top 4 player.
  5. Newest Smooth Competition is out from the OpTic Guys. Thought this one was hilarious.
  6. Maniac is legitimately someone who would not know that Penguin is a player and Ola isn't on RNG.
  7. I honestly do the opposite sometimes. I love the analysis and opinions about teams and players. I enjoy a good meme here and there, but when I see a long paragraph about a topic I'm interested in I feel giddy with excitement.
  8. I asked Commonly about getting dropped from EG on stream. He said he would have left anyway if they didn't drop him, and that it just felt weird the whole time he was on EG. He said he felt like he was in a box and couldn't play the way he wanted to.
  9. At around the 41min mark, after bashing the PS4 and CoD season for a bit, the captain(Scump) of the best CoD team in the world says that he'd rather play Halo right now. In the context of the whole conversation this is due to us having better dev support, crowd funding, and Xbox One. Just a little reminder to the people on here that bash 343/Xbox constantly. We're on the up.
  10. Was about to up-vote you and accidentally hit the neg. My b.
  11. Someone in Naded's chat just asked if he would ever team with Ninja. Naded replied yeah, for sure, if Ninja was interested in teaming, but he doesn't think he is.
  12. So I doubt this would ever happen, but gonna lay out my dream scenario for the RNG roster. Stellur, Ninja, and Spartan join Maniac as the new OpTic Halo roster. Flamesword as coach. Some points to consider: 1. Obviously OpTic isn't about just the competitive teams, and Hecz is extremely unlikely to just drop Maniac/Flame or "kick" them out of the house. Maniac actually looked pretty good at regionals, and Flame seems like he'd make a good coach while still living in the house. 2. Hecz has said time and time again that it's about the personalities and he wants players that fans can get behind. Ninja/Spartan are 2 of the best personalities in Halo. 3. OpTic house is near Chicago. Ninja already lives around that area, would be an easy move. Though Ninja lives with his GF so that would throw a wrench in the plans (girls, man). I think the OpTic house is already full though with Scump moving back in as well. 4. Stellur going back to OpTic is something that already has legs, and he's not shied away from it at all. 5. I don't really know how Maniac and Ninja/Spartan would get along. Seems to me they might annoy each other. Again, seriously doubt this would ever happen, just fun to speculate. As someone who's a fan of the RNG squad and watches a lot of the OpTic vlogs, I think it'd be really fun to see Spartan/Ninja create content.
  13. LFG RNG. So happy they finally pulled out a huge win. Where are all the people on here saying they wouldn't make it out of the group?
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