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  1. Watching Lifestyle play custom 8's with no radar... Someone tell me why radar is in H5 again? So far I've seen very few spartan charges and a lot of well thought out plays/ flanks. I've also seen a lot of good reaction plays that show skill... rather than camping and seeing a dot. Broken record, broken record, broken record. But this game will never reach it's full potential as a competitive FPS so long as radar is there to ruin it.
  2. I have never once seen a professional Halo player get out shot like that multiple times in a span of a few games. Those battles matter very much in the scheme of winning or losing. You might get out shot a few times in a series, fine... but full reversaled by 1 shots 5 times in a matter of a few games? That is why they were bagging him so hard because it was clear as day that it was getting in his head. I like Ninja just fine. But I also have an opinion... something that I am reminded by trolls regularly in Twitch chats that I have a right to. I simply just do not believe that putting 8 hours into a scary game/ H1Z1 a day is doing right by his Halo career. You can see the drop off. I've been watching Halo and Ninja for a very, very long time and I was frankly very unimpressed by what I watched. Sorry if that offends you.
  3. What do you think my point is lol? You just quoted what I wrote in my thread that his shot was poor, decision making was poor... hence getting full reversaled by a 1 shot 5 different times.
  4. A masters thesis on t-bagging? It's clear that it mattered to Ninja or else he wouldn't have gotten so upset about it. I guess you didn't watch his POV against CLG... in the first 5 games of the series he had at least 5 individual battles where he got a member of CLG fully one shot and literally got full reversaled.
  5. I suppose that is asking for the neg rep... I was just surprised when reading the comments afterwards that most people agreed with my sentiment. I honestly didn't expect that. I guess it's funny that I didn't recognize a single name in the rep feed... sooooo logically they all must be Ninja fans starting from the H1Z1 period.
  6. I'm confused... Everyone seems to be agreeing with the point I made in my thread which was, "If you don't like getting bagged, improve and beat them so you don't get bagged."... Yet it's at -34... If EG was beating CLG in the scrim with regularity you can bet the focus would turn off bagging to winning. So did people just struggle with reading comprehension or did a bunch of Ninja fanboys get butt hurt? Also funny that the one like it got was from a pro... hmmmm...
  7. I didn't really like the whole Royal 2, Frosty bagging thing when I was watching it. I saw Ninja's reaction to it and at first I sort of understood it, then I was like where is the competitor that is going to make it stop? Ninja what the hell are you going to do about it? If YOU are so outmatched by them then why are you playing scary games for 8 hours a day on your stream? Listen, I get it, streaming is your source of income and if all you care about is placing somewhere around 4th in HCS and pulling good viewers playing other games to earn a paycheck, nobody is going to fault you. But if that actually is the case, don't get all upset at Frosty and Royal 2 simply because you can't hang... I miss the old Ninja who had a fire lit under his ass when everyone told him he'd never be good enough to compete with the top teams. You did for at least a little bit, but what was the common denominator? You grinded. You worked your ass off. What I watched the other night was the gameplay of someone who simply just doesn't know the game as well as he should... poor movement, poor decision making, getting out shot time and time again. I can't believe that you dropped 2 kills over an entire game of strongholds tonight against Liquid and that didn't piss you off. Sure your team won, but where is your integrity? Where is your will to be the best? That had to be embarrassing as hell... yet there you are playing a scary game and then saying that you're gonna play it for hours when you start streaming tomorrow. Sadly I think your drive for Halo is no longer there. Can't wait for the neg rep, but I've never really been a PC member of the Halo community... so fk it.
  8. That is a horrible comparison. Ghostayame plays the game every damn day, and he knows the issue... "just do" is figurative. 343 isn't a big enough sector to say that his input and suggestions mean nothing. Stopping solo matching against to4's... when it's the playlist he designs needs to be top priority. It drives people away from the game. I'm the perfect example of the player who doesn't want to hop on because I play solo the majority of the time. Like I said, "just do" is figurative... 343 as a whole needs to do a better job recognizing the major issues affecting this game and stop focusing time and effort on promoting small things, like horrible maps that we've said no to time and time again.
  9. I don't know why it is so hard for 343 to implement anything close to what makes sense these days. Here's just one example: I played against Ghost and friends last night searching solo on a newer account as a Diamond 6 in Arena last night. I had 3 random players (two low level onyx, one low level diamond) on my team who either didn't have a mic in or were in private chat. They beat us 50-20 and after the game I sent ghost a message saying that 343 needs to fix the way match mode works in this game because in no way is it logical to match us with 4 champions let alone a team of 4. He sent me a message back saying that he agreed... So I responded, don't agree - just do, stop spending time on shoving these horrible maps down our throats that every player in the community agrees are trash and work on fixing matchmaking.
  10. I'm not trying to talk this team down... but imagine the amount of arguments Ninja, Roy, and Lbox are going to get in over bad plays in game. The twins are kind of hard headed and God knows they aren't going to back down to Ninja.
  11. Maniac posted a video a couple days ago that really hit home with me. I know players like Spartan have mentioned that they go through serious bouts of depression. Hyena just came out and said he needed to take a break from Halo because he was going through similar stuff. I think Maniac had some world class insight and his take on the subject just really impressed me. I think depression and isolation sort of manifests itself with Halo and I think Maniac's message could help a lot of people. Here is sort of the condensed, slang free version of what he said: "I get into these funks where shit in my life just keeps adding up, bad shit will happen back to back to back, on top of that just stress in my life in general. Back in the day it used to really take hold of me and I would go 6 months of doing absolutely nothing and just kind of being bummed out in the funk, just sitting in my room. I'm realizing quickly that I've been in one of these funks again. It's probably been a month since I've been in this funk and you almost want to sit there and feel sorry for yourself but nobody is going to feel sorry for you and you just need to man the fuck up. What will not help you is doing the same old shit, sitting in your room, and just repeating your days like none of it matters. You really have to get back to improving yourself daily. I stopped going to the gym, I stopped eating healthy, I stopped doing a lot of things that I know I should be doing. I simply was doing one thing, sitting in my room playing video games, and that wasn't making me happy. It wasn't worth sacrificing everything else because I could have found time to play video games on top of everything else but I just let the stress or the depression or the funk I was in take over. I think it's something that happens to all of us but you just learn to get past it. I've dealt with this a few times before where I just get in these shitty states of mind and it's hard to break, it really is.What you need to do is recognize it, I'm currently recognizing it and start doing something about it. The last few days I've been outside doing shit, getting shit done. You have to be able to recognize and do something about it before it causes damage in your life. Some people deal with this stuff better than others, some people hold it in, some people let it go. If you don't know what to do to get out of this feeling of your life just feeling stagnant and you're not progressing, get the fuck up and do something, I don't care if it's just walking around your neighborhood for an hour, when you wake up in the morning do a hundred push ups. Recognize the problem before you hit rock bottom, get the fuck up and handle business. You're wasting time, there is not enough time and there is just no point in moping around."
  12. Dan was sleeping before the series started. Spartan had to call him like 30 times. #Dedication.
  13. 25 minutes until Liquid's match and Spartan is the only one online. This is exactly the shit I was referencing about these "pros" who don't give a shit about their ability to play Halo for hundreds of thousands of dollars. and people wonder why Spartan threw his team under the bus the other day... These children need to grow the fuck up and take it seriously... And if they don't show out of retaliation, sell your spot in the HCS and disband. Please.
  14. Something has really been bugging me about Halo as an eSport... we just do not evolve. I just heard a pro, won't name who, respond to a question about whether his team was going to scrim soon or not. The response: "We'll scrim when we are all on at the same time, I guess." Cool, so you've made it to top 8? Where is the drive? Where is the will to be the best? Why do Halo pros simply not take their ability to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars playing Halo seriously? It's a business and ya'll still act like little kids about it. Not having scrims planned, not having set practice times, not seriously going over strats and maps... If I hear one more pro team talk about where they are going before a map starts like they haven't gone over it I'm gonna rip my hair out. Imagine how good a 5-8 pro team could be if they actually put the real hours in to improve rather than just getting on "when we can"... This is the same shit that has been going on since the H3 days. You guys are lucky 343 had a creative idea to support tournament purses or ya'll would be playing AGL's again. Sickening... this game isn't going anywhere as an eSport unless you guys change. I'm tired of supporting a bunch of entitled young adults who think they deserve the world but haven't done a damn thing to earn it.
  15. When you're almost a year into the game and we finally get a doubles playlist, and it's literal trash... (I played a map last night that spawns 4 different power-ups on the map at the same time) it's pretty clear that 343 has a pretty serious disconnect with what made the Halo games popular and attractive in the first place. The ranking system in all reality is so bad... Platinums matching full teams of Onyx players. All 343 had to do was give us 1-50 and it resets every 2 months so players have something to grind, instead they gave us a rank that I don't care about and a horrible matching engine. I know I'm not alone in my assessment and I'm expecting neg rep for this... but the length of time that it takes them to add things players want and they still get it wrong... it's no wonder the population isn't there.
  16. Oh hmmm my beezy. I had heard he was eligable to be picked up in this next roster run around. Guess not.
  17. Here are some ways I can see some teams shaping up: CLG: Sbite, Frosty, Lethul, Royal 2 EG: Lbox, Roy, Sdown, Spartan AEG: Goofy, Devon, Contra, Ryan Envy: Mikwen, Ola, Rayne, El Town E6: Cratos, BuBu, Shooter, Huke RNG: Ninja, VicX, Commonly, Suspector Liquid: Penguin, Eco, Stellur, Naded Optic: Ace, APG, Maniac, Heinz (I love Str8 Sick but I can't see Optic's roster staying together and they aren't dropping guys in the house)
  18. to be fair he gets by far the least views on his vids by any pro player in the house...
  19. I don't know if this has been brought up before... But I can see Spartan going to EG tomorrow. I wrote a post when season 1 ended saying I thought Spartan would be the best fit for EG and I still think that. There's gonna be some pretty significant moves.
  20. Anyone know of a website where people are selling OG tags?
  21. Uhhhh... what exactly is your point? Flame and Maniac aren't considered as good as Stellur or Assault... two players who made it to worlds.
  22. I just wish you would stop teaming with players who you know didn't work out in the past. Like, when you teamed with Hysteria, Vic X, FiS in H2A after the shit show that happened on FB in Reach. Same goes for Sparty and Mikwen. Try something completely new and different and get players who are dedicated who you don't have a history with so they don't have a preconceived notion about you and your personality.
  23. Apparently a mod didn't like my post. So I'll post it again... refraining from the mean swear words. They have all been replaced with scenarios that describe them and will be between ' '. My thoughts on Radar: We'll go map by map: Regret: Yay... I can actually go bottom middle and not give the team with 3 players top mid an indicator of where I am. I can actually be sneaky for OS and not show people that it's going to be up by me being down there. Oh my gosh... I can actually drop from top Car 2 to Car 1 and Pink 2 to Pink 1 and make a sneaky get away... WOW! People can no longer camp with a storm rift on the car streets and wait for me to push out of a base! I love getting camped on and killed in 2 seconds... so I'll sure miss that. Wait... so you're telling me a flank under a base where a team hiding is now possible? Empire: Literally everything I said about Regret. Except holy 'male genitalia'! I don't have to spawn car and sprint to the opponents car side just to stop a flag... I can actually move bottom center while the other team camps as Ninja would say, "UNDETECTED!" Fathom: You mean I can actually go bottom center and the guy with the rail top middle won't get literally the easiest kill of his life? You know... I'm gonna miss people camping tree houses with storm rifles. Objective on this map is going to change completely. People can actually flank tree house side of the opponents base and they don't have to worry about a team who wants to turtle and wait for dots on the garage doors... Empire: Specifically strongholds... How fun was it watching a team this past week get full set up and win 100-0 against pro teams? I mean that was riveting... When people spawn in a 'darn tootin' base they actually stand a chance getting out now that radar is gone. I won't even talk about tower on this 'darn tootin' map. No wait, I will. If one more person grabs a scatter shot and camps the tower windows waiting for a dot to come by in a pro event I'm going to 'think thoughts that a depressed person might think'. Can people who camp turbine with a storm rifle go 'consider the value of their life' please? Eden: Same 'darn tootin' thing as Empire. Except I can push down the middle of the map without showing up on every players radar in the game. Plaza: Oh man... players can finally make a camo flank on a guy camping top snipe for the entire friggin game. That whole flank is game changing. You know what ruins strongholds on this map? The fact that teams spawn in garden and all the other team has to do is camp garden ledge and wait for dots to tell his teammates the exact moment that the other squad is pushing cafe or loop... RADAR ABSOLUTELY 'CONSENSUAL SEX'S' PLAYERS IN GARDEN. The Rig: Do I actually need to describe why the campiest map in all of Halo history shouldn't have radar? Coliseum: Pro strat- go 4 down... spawn... camp your objective with assault rifles out until the other team foolishly thinks they could go after your objective and then slaughter them. Talent. Players can actually run from their rocket corner, to bottom rockets, to the opponents rocket corner without a player top rockets 'having non consensual sex in the anus'. If I'm top snipe or top sneaky. I should not know if someone is bottom grass or bottom sneaky. That is unfair and I don't feel right killing people because I see a stupid red dot on the map. Overgrowth: This map could actually sorta work without radar... like it's still 'animal droppings'. But it could sorta work.
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