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  1. I would but......https://twitter.com/Pznguin/status/717237883569049601?s=09
  2. Guys what should I make my next gamertag? I need suggestions m80s and you all seem like a creative bunch so I thought I would look here
  3. Because I still have yet to learn what a flag is ofc :'(
  4. of course they don't. In general they mean very little. I'm jus' sayin'. Mine ain't skewed :/ Play making > Stats
  5. I mean. I looked it up. I dropped a 1.29 K/D and a 2.07 KA/D vs. Allegiance at Worlds and against Denial I dropped a 1.25 K/D and a 2.61 KA/D sooooooooooooooooooo I meeeeeeean
  6. They offered. I thought about it. Still think they should actually make RC into an org that sponsors multiple teams. It would be a sick team name and their logo is cool.
  7. Thanks m8 I appreciate it. Only way to get better is to own up to your mistakes and fix them for sure.
  8. Who to team with who to team with. The life of a penguin is a difficult one my friends.
  9. Can confirm it was a personality issue and not an issue of skill. Contra and Devon are both sick af
  10. Here are my power rankings. 1. CLG 2-8. Who cares doesn't matter
  11. I love these forums. I love all this speculation. I love Halo. Also, not sure why, but how come my teammaye Rayne never gets talked about? He is so low key/underrated for some reason it's unreal. Imo one of the best players in the game right now.
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