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  1. I love these forums they are lit. I also love looking at numbers Idk why I'm weird I guess. Love you guys. Enjoy the speculation and reading material. Nice to be able to look at what everyone in the community thinks. I'm a fan of the forums for sure
  2. Hamy- K-7566 D-7600 A-5152 KD-0.996 KDA-1.67 So I guess Hamy is slightly worse at slaying but a better teammate? Kappap #StatsMeanEverything Victory- K-7295 D-7448 A-4962 KD-0.98 KDA-1.65
  3. There is a lot more than stats but here it the season scrims + pro league matches Peng- K-8126 D-7990 A-5257 KD-1.02 KDA-1.67 Ninj- K-8422 D-8387 A-5479 KD-1.00 KDA-1.66I guess based on stats im the better player? Welp RIP nope that's not how it works. we both have our strengths and weaknesses.
  4. There is a difference between one bad game. and a whole bad series. One bad game isn't underperforming. A whole bad series at a tournament is underperforming. You have to step up when it matters. And if you can't, you're underperforming.
  5. Ninja is a great Halo 5 player when he is on. When is on he is really really scary to play against. He is just one of those players that has too much of a consistency issue. Too many highs and lows. From day to day you don't know what you're going to get with him. He goes from literally being the greatest player of all time and winning the game singlehandedly to getting averaged every 5 seconds and losing the game singlehandedly a day later or even 3 games later. If he gets his consistency right in both scrims and in tournament play he can no doubt be one of the best players in the game. I love Ninj. He is a great guy and I wish him the best of luck. He has definitely improved greatly since H2A it's easy to see. He just needs to be more consistent in not so much scrims, but tournament play.
  6. I mean technically I wasn't 100% leaving but hokay love you Sparty <3
  7. My AR shot is one of the best Kappap. AR > Pistol. I love Halo 5 lol
  8. I mean I say it all the time. My pistol shot is trash. Not nearly as bad on LAN but online dude i suck at adjusting to bad servers so i just AR a lot. probably too much XD I love Sparty
  9. I kinda like this one tbh me and Bob Ross would get along well
  10. it's all good man I know, I'm just gonna say, that whole series was not me playing bad, I was honestly playing fine individually, it was just us playing bad as a whole and not how we normally play. We just really need to focus on playing in the pro league matches like we play when we scrim. We play really well and communicate well in scrims, but then when we play in pro league matches we get all jumbled and frantic. Just honestly something that needs to be worked on. I think we should be able to figure everything out by the time the season is over. Consistency in communication is our biggest issue we just really need to focus on communicating properly and we will be fine.
  11. Yeah I forgot to turn my monitor on all series actually :/
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