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  1. There should be like a flag that spawns 2 minutes and 30 seconds into the round that you can cap or something, and also have the 4 down to win
  2. agreed xD but I didnt choose the name because of MK just let that be known
  3. I always joked about my AR being strong because I had a better awareness than most players of when it could be abused. But over the course of the last season I have really been focusing on my pistol shot and teammate awareness over just ARing and crouching, which turned out to be a good thing with the announcement of new settings. I am looking forward to seeing how the game evolves and have been having INFINITELY more fun with the new settings. The replay value just went up like 300000% for me
  4. Also this new phones autocorrect sucks what are half the words I just said LMAO
  5. Me, because 1. @@TiberiusAudley thinks so and 2. I've had the worst attitude and been playing the worsted as of late, tries to turn that around the last couple days though. Online halo just gets to me man, hopefully after world's I can finally take like a week and a half break and just reset
  6. Agreed, Stellur not worst, but I would also say Halo is not all consistently having the best KD
  7. I made it out of parts we have at the house and an old model controller, so to actually make one brand new and not out of old broken controllers would be really expensive xD
  8. Hmmmm maybe, but I rather use a controller I have broken in then a foreign one that I've never used. Being able to aim and hit important shot and having crouch work 50% of the time > not being able to hit important shots but being able to crouch. It wasn't a huge problem for him, but I'm impressed at how level headed he was even though it screwed him a few times
  9. I made it for him, I play with a scuf mixed with the old model controller but I always bring two to the event now
  10. His controller is one of a kind, its a fusion of an elite and the old model controller and a scuf, so nobody else's controller would have been acceptable haha
  11. You know, for playing with a controller that won't let him crouch or thrust slide half the time, Rayne played damn good. Playing with a broken controller all event is insane, but respect for pushing through, had he bought a spare and let me make him a clone controller like I told him he wouldn't have been in that mess, but it's okay xD
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