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  1. what are the links for the streams. i plan on watching some halo for the first time in almost a year. we back?
  2. any guys from west palm, boca raton, palm beach, wellington want to get a 4's team to play at the boca 4v4 event in october? gt: toolbox lags
  3. walshy quoting luda might just save halo... also holy shit.
  4. over/under at least 3 of them leaving before fall pro league?
  5. so the only venue not working is halo. and someone downvoed me for calling it shitty lol
  6. message: Toolbox Lags i can play all night and all day tomorrow.
  7. add Toolbox Lags ill run some games, maybe we can do the next online cup.
  8. bump. if anyone needs an emergency 4th.
  9. guys i was hoping to run this with havent gotten back to me to let me know if they are getting on so if any team needs 1 for the online cup let me know. gt: Toolbox Lags im on now and will be until the online cup if i havent found a team.

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