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  1. Are we ever going to get the rosters on the front page? Pretty confusing for newer members joining the thread as there is no way to see rosters
  2. Shele is a halo 3 kid and has been playing halo 3 the last few years. Considering he got picked up by str8 sicks squad after the 1st qualifier id say its not suprising at all.
  3. The no gamertags are really killing this for me. I have no idea who i am even watching unless there on the screen, also the killfeed is impossible to follow. I cant imagine how the players are adjusting. With callouts being harder, as a player its crucial to know who you are fighting against because everyone has their own playstyles.
  4. this skirmish tournament has been horrible. Cant even get a working website and cant even see gamertags of kids were playing? Crazy headache from this
  5. My team needs one for the skirmish tournament today at 4 est if your interested shoot me a message on xbl gt: GunFiiree
  6. Horrible ran tournament by UGC. 2 am and its not even finals yet?? Sheesh..
  7. hmu on xbl serious ppl only GT: GunFiiree
  8. If anyone needs one for future qualifiers message me on here or xbl Gt: GunFiiree
  9. about time my boy frostbite shows world what he's about he's always been this good just never got the chance to be on a top team and he deserves to be one of the best in the game with the snipe
  10. thanks i feel like a really good team could be Ola,hysteria,apg, heinz
  11. spent the last day reading like a hundred pages but i feel like ill never get caught up lol. I got so far Ninja commonly vicx ogre2 spartan unlegit eltown stellur Anything else???
  12. I still think hysteria is the most underrated player in h5
  13. i think we might see a few more former pros return now that season 1 is over, with a few bumps in the road here and there but it was a overall success. pro league coming up and another HWC for 2017 i can see plenty of pros like maybe BestMan, Chig, Clutch, sk? etc... just throwing some names out there but who wouldn't want a shot at this kind of money?
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