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  1. The game still works even after getting a refund??
  2. Free Agent Gamertag - Trunks Sinatra can also hmu on twitter @TrunksStrives
  3. Probably KoTH Construct.. Can't stand playing it
  4. I wish i had the OG "Trunks" Account
  5. GT: Trunks Strives Twitter: @TrunksStrives Add Me to all of the Lists (:
  6. GT: Trunks Strives , I Live in Central Jersey (Monmouth County)
  7. Idk why people think Ninja deserves to be on the list. he has never really won a real event. Hes an Amazing player but hes not top 20 to me in Overall Career wise
  8. yea been making videos for a long time now bro
  9. Thanks bro , i appreciate it!
  10. Whats up everyone im Trunks, MLG Montager , I also make Halo Content. You can check me out http://www.youtube.com/user/TrunksDbM/about I also stream on Twitch tv. you can catch me playing H3/Reach and Halo 4 - http://www.twitch.tv/truunks

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