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  1. This going to be for Xbox 4K gaming or PC? Depending on the answer I personally prefer/recommend 1440p/144hz over a 4K monitor but if it's for Xbox specifically I can shoot you some more specific suggestions.
  2. Excited to see everyone at UGC St. Louis next weekend. I didn't have the time to practice much or find a squad so I'll be coaching Wolfmayyne, Fury Fours, Saintly, and Lil Kountry. I fly in on Thursday morning so if anyone wants to hang, you know how to get a hold of me.
  3. I mean, Ninja showing up to a Halo 3 tournament would likely be a big win for Halo no matter what.
  4. Just wanted to stop by and say it was great seeing everyone at Dreamhack Atlanta. Looking forward to these upcoming H3 events. off topic: is it just me or is this new Curse CDN really slow? Logging in and redirecting took forever. Anyways, much <3
  5. Cannot believe that's all they showed.
  6. Oh 100% - that's why I said 'on some level'. I hope that extends to game play.
  7. I think the biggest takeaway from Halo Infinite is that, at least on some level, it shows that 343 is listening. For them to make a clear change of direction like that (in reference to art style) shows at least that much. Hopefully it's indicative of them being open to ideas in terms of gameplay and story telling as well.
  8. I was in a call with some friends and heard, "Halo?" - my first response was, "That's not the Halo engine." Imagine my surprise when I found out it was Halo with a new proprietary engine.
  9. Nope, but to a lot of people the obvious changes to art style are a huge step in the right direction. There's lots of stuff you be inferred from the demo, but yeah - it's better than seeing more of the same.
  10. We in here. Then again I think I have like the 16th account on TB or something?
  11. LOL - accidental down vote. I'm just as surprised TB survived this long.
  12. I don't think they've locked down a date - but sometimes during the summer/early-Fall. To those complaining... just stop. The partner studios likely reached out to 343 with the concept requesting a partnership and asset access. Complaining that's it's a 'cash grab' or that the announcement timing was bad is just dumb. It's obviously not important enough of an announcement to make close to E3 because it would be overshadowed by all the other gaming news out there.
  13. Yeah, I'm confident the game will be good. I just know CDPR has had some turnover and internal management issues related to it. My boss has a few friends that are either at CDPR now or were previously and that they have some serious culture issues. So with that in the back of my mind, I'm preparing for either outcome. Also - give me another good co-op Splinter Cell experience and I'm a happy fucking camper.
  14. I've read all the books, played at least 1500 hours of The Witcher games and am a huge sci-fi nerd... so, bringing those things together is... well, obviously something I'm very hyped for. I've also prepared myself for utter disappointment just in case. Regarding Halo news - I'm fully expecting the focus to be on MCC related news and a small Halo 6 teaser... I wouldn't get hyped for details, but I could be wrong.
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