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  1. I explicitly go out of my way to outline that I'm not making justifications for any development decisions on their part, simply giving context as to why implementing these features is far more difficult in the past. Feel however you'd like.
  2. Legitimately I think Microsoft moves a little too slow - they have tons of resources and teams that allow them to do a lot of research, spend a lot of time building really fundamentally sound systems, and forward thinking design which has helped them in the past... but worked against them since about 2017. Fortnite really changed the game a bit and if you look at the industry right now the studios/games doing well are the ones who pivoted quickly with those changes and I don't think 343 or Microsoft were willing to take the risks necessary to keep Halo on top. They just needed to get a game out but didn't and are now pretty far behind the curve.
  3. Yeah, nothing I shared was meant to be in defend of anything 343 did to get here. I think they've mishandled the shit out of this game over the last few years but if anything has changed that perspective, it's the last year of work they've done. It doesn't undo the fact that they had to right the ship, I'm just glad they are on a reasonable path now instead of trying to figure out where to go still. Also thanks for reading, I appreciate you taking the time.
  4. especially given the proliferation of dedicated servers / non-P2P networking in online multiplayer games. They are tools in your game dev tool box and each bring their own strengths and weaknesses to the table - one isn't objectively better than the other.
  5. I think the quality of the campaign (or at least the broad perception of the campaign) was a giant filter preventing more casual players from ever being exposed to what was actually a pretty competitive and deep multiplayer experience. Hard to say what the "good move" is though - depends on how you define success because the game was a success in lots of ways but a failure in just as many.
  6. It was cut to pieces and shortened to help get the game out during a certain time in the fiscal year rather than when it was ready It's clear by the delay of Halo Infinite past the XSX that Microsoft understands that Halo needs to be successful on it's own rather than just be a game to sell Xbox consoles.
  7. It definitely isn't brand new and probably shouldn't be. More than likely it was mostly a restructure of project code, tools, and engine dependencies to speed up content generation pipelines. How the game data, content, etc is structured and loaded are probably the meat of the updates but this is 1000% speculation.
  8. Yeah, it's pretty clear from looking at the H5 campaign, marketing, and staggered feature release that lots of cuts were made to ensure the game was out the door during a specific window on the fiscal calendar. Yeah - this is kind of what I mean. Halo 5 could have been an amazing game if given all the resources it needed to succeed - a little extra time to bring together the full feature set and nail the campaign content and pacing. Knowing that 343 / Microsoft realize doing this again will _kill_ the franchise makes hopeful LOL
  9. Yeah, I feel you for sure. I think 343's mismanagement of Halo has mostly been in treating it as a vehicle for Xbox/Microsoft success (sometimes to the game's detriment... look at Halo 5 campaign) & the thing that has helped calm my own bias is it seems they finally realize that Halo is so big/beloved that its success needs to be measured on its own next to things like Xbox instead of being treated as a feature, experience, or portion of Xbox... if that makes sense? Seems like they finally have the greenlight from daddy Microsoft to treat Halo with the reverence and resources it and the fans deserve. I'm optimistic for now but had near zero faith in Infinite prior to E3.
  10. I think saying that 343's games have been sub-par from a code perspective is a stretch and would be hard to defend - especially in juxtaposition with the Bungie Halo games that were literally known and praised for unintentional quirky physics bugs, animation cancelling, button glitches/combos, etc. 343 is comprised of extremely talented software developers and programmers - which is entirely separate from game design / direction / quality / etc. and for transparency, I'm posting this as a professional games programmer.
  11. Build Engineer more specifically but have also worked on some dedicated server deploying, hosting, scaling and automation stuff for online multiplayer games. I spend a lot of time in client code these days as I help developers integrate their changes into release branches / builds.
  12. I would say there's minimal complexity (relative to gameplay programming) to a feature such as grenade hit markers as the client and server are inherently doing state checks on objects and events in the play space. Applying this kind of check against any player / character or object the player may interact with (like a vehicle) is pretty trivial. Though, this logic could be applied to any programming - not writing the code at all IS more simple than writing any. Also this is coming from someone who is normally like, "No ITs mOrE coMpliCATEd thAn u tHiNk" The logic behind it would/could/should be super simple too - like identifying an event such as your grenade exploding, performing a basic check for interacting with other player objects, and playing the hit marker client side on success. Classifying your objects, weapons, etc in a way in which these traits are easily inherited or managing the attributes in a config file somewhere in the source depot is a pretty easy and common approach.
  13. Yeah same - I haven't regularly visited a forum in a long time but have definitely wanted to over the last year as most of my friendship went digital.
  14. Damn... this is some of the most active I feel like I've seen these forums in a long time. It would be cool to "quantify" some Halo hype by seeing how much activity has increased since E3. Either very happy to see some positivity about Halo!
  15. I'm excited by the fact that 343 is finally handling Halo with the weight it deserves - the Battle Pass details seem great, most of the features we've seen so far seem player friendly, F2P MP is great, etc. My biggest gripe right now being input based matchmaking for ranked but the other option is everyone complaining about how x or y input is unbalanced. The sentiment overall to me shows that MS is finally taking Halo seriously somewhat and realize it needs to be a successful game first and foremost, even if that means at the sacrifice of it being profitable any time soon.
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