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  1. Losers round 6 is about to be nuts. 4 hotly contested championship bracket spots available and all 4 series are going to be lit! Come on STD!!
  2. I know I'm late on this but.. Holy fkn Hype! I can't wait for some more well spoken casts. Now all we need is no radar and a working spectator mode and we will be ready to succeed!
  3. Woah woah woah. You are crazy if you got "eg is fucking trash and TL is so much better" out of what I said. Damn must of hit a nerve
  4. Okay? I said EG outplayed Liquid. And that EGs comms and demeaner were far better than Liquids. But I know how well Liquid can play, and I know last night wasn't even close to their potential. I'm not taking away from EG's stomping. I'm just saying people shouldn't jump ship just quite yet. My opinion is just that.. Opinion. Take it or leave it
  5. Sorry only parties involved would find it funny. And I truly think liquid will be better during pro league. (Than what they showed in last nights scrims). But the fight for 3-7 will be interesting this season.
  6. Yep, I honestly wouldn't delve too much into this scrim. Yes EG outplayed liquid in almost every way. I think EG's demeanor and communication is far better than Liquids at this point. That being said an on fire liquid > an on fire EG. I also know Zane is not playing anywhere close to his best right now because of outside factors haha
  7. It took me a while but i am now 100 percent convinced that vinftw has a split personality disorder. I swear I love 50 percent of the things he says and hate the other. I cannot wait until pro league. We are running out of things to argue about
  8. Hey I'm pretty big on the Washington halo scene. What's your gamertag?
  9. You sir are a rep cheater. Using Emma Watson is absolutely not fair. OT: Liquid top 1. But realistically top 2
  10. Not even a ninja. He Spartan charged your back and you lived somehow hahaha wtf
  11. Random and off-topic but for the longest time I thought your avatar was a bull because you were a bulls fan. I now know it's an ape but I knew you were secretly a bulls fan.
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