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  2. Any and all players of all skill levels. As Los Burger said above we're in need of people for The Pro Battle League tournaments heading to microsoft stores in North Carolina. The game obviously will be Halo 5, in addition to this Gamers Corner a LAN center located in Holden Beach, NC will be helping to host in house tournaments and there LAN Center. Addition: Gamers Corner for those who like classic Halo will be Hosting a Halo 3, 1v1 tournament on Saturday, July 30th. Time: 6:00pm-10:30pm. Prize is still to be determined at this time but I will be helping to set up the tournament as well as looking for a way to produce Prizes, money, items etc. For the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners of this tournament. Easiest way to contact them is to search up "Gamers Corner, Holden Beach, NC" on Facebook. Thanks for reading and I hope to see a lot of competition for this tournament as well as the Halo 5 LANs coming soon. More details to come! Follow @ProBattleLeague and Myself @@RedghostFPS for updates on tournaments for the Pro Battle League and for NC Local LANs, I will be posting as many Halo LANs as possible so if you would like that information please follow me on twitter and I will follow you back! Thanks for reading!
  3. First off let me start this rant with the fact that I love BR starts. I started competing back in Halo 3 and when Halo: Reach was released I was one of those people that didn't neccessarily like the DMR and wanted the BR back so I get it. Next let me say that also even with implementations like sprint and other abilities I was open to the change for the sole reason that the consumer base of players and people who play the game wanted something more sped up and some other things besides just a traditional arena shooter. Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2 and Halo 3 were all great games, but each game people from the prior title hated things and "bitched" about things because it was DIFFERENT now when I say this what I mean is people who moved from Halo: Combat Evolved to Halo 2 people wanted the pistol back and instead the Battle Rifle was introduced and some people didn't like the game because of that and some people stopped playing but a majority kept playing because of Xbox Live. People from the get go can't take change well but you should do is know you have a game and try and take it as a challenge and adapt. Halo 2 to Halo 3 was somewhat similar in that perspective with Halo 3 having things like power drain, shield regenerator and bubble shields people didn't like that and the game in it's out of the box state like Halo 2 was crap, Halo: Combat evolved out of the box was a competitive game and the thought process behind each map and the full design of the game was absolutely astounding and incredible. Halo 5 is taking Halo back towards it's roots and bringing back the essence of an out of the box Halo game, the AR/Pistol combination plus the radar is what is used by a majority of the people who play Halo. Halo: Combat Evolved even had settings where gametypes had radar on them it's something that has been apart of competitive play but not for a long time and I believe that reason is because of the lack of a good out of the box Halo game and people feel like they have to bare-bones the game to make it competitive. Halo needs this change, Halo numbers are not what they used to be and that's because of how crap Halo: Reach and Halo 4 were, but the people who are now playing Halo games like the abilities because it's a new generations of players who enjoy those things in games. 343 Industries first is a business and what they have done to balance the game and create an out of the box competitive Halo game for the first time in fourteen years and cater towards both the competitive and casual players. Sure there are some hiccups within the game but they are trying. Bungie never cared they just got luck with a game that just happened to be competitive, the stars aligned and a phenomenal game was made it was a pure accident. We have a company that is trying, we have free DLC for purposes to allow us to have a change in the meta and for casual players to continue playing with there friends. We have a now 1.5 Million dollar world championship and counting for Halo 5 because of crowd funding and developer support people want to see past the great things 343 Industries has done to cater to both sides and try and increase numbers in teams and viewers. We have to meet in the middle and understand what needs to happen for us to grow. If you want Halo to grow and want Halo to succeed and be here for years to come then change is needed and what 343 Industries is doing is what has needed to happen to Halo for a very long time. Halo 5 is a solid game but also has issues but not as many as out of the box / pre-patched Halo 2 or out of the box Halo 3. Stop being opposed to change, accept it and I guarantee things will become better the AR/Pistol isn't that bad and whoever things you can run around against good players and AR them all game obviously doesn't play at a high level or top level. The pistol is a great utility weapon and takes a lot of skill to use. Halo 5 is a very skillful game and very solid. Stop being opposed to change and look what we have now opposed to before with MLG it's even bigger and it's better. Guys I love the old Halo games and traditional Halo will always have a place in my heart so don't think for a second I don't like those games but we need this change for us to be a successful eSport. My thoughts and opinions, take it as you will and thanks for reading
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