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  1. I was actually thinking about doing this a while ago! In the style of 3KliksPhilip and what he does for Counter Strike, actually.
  2. Tonight was so good I'm almost not salty about last night's DCs anymore. Almost.
  3. That's more of an individual issue. Nobody is required to watch late. It enables those who are able to/willing to stay up be able to watch it as opposed to just completely blocking off those who don't get off of work and school lately.
  4. It's kind of rushed, but here's the first in a series where I attempt to break down what's going on or what's been going on in Halo eSports to those who may be out of the loop in a quick and concise way. With the first video, I've focused on the state of CLG and whether or not they'll continue to dominate, in addition to how they became to dominate in the first place. Future videos might be less specific, but the E6 stuff is too good (bad) to not cover, so expect something on that as well. Any and all feedback is appreciated! Hate, praise, dislikes, likes, whatever! This video in particular is not up to my personal standards.
  5. I completely forgot Week 2 started tonight. Gotta speed edit that video now. EDIT: Predictions, also ALG 3 - 1 LOL NV 2 - 3 EG LG 3 - 2 E6 TL 1 - 3 OG
  6. Not that I'm always in the know, but I've been thinking about making some videos to help introduce the curious into understanding the Halo competetive scene. I have a friend who watches whenever nV plays but he doesn't really keep up or know anything about Halo eSports, and based off of some other forums (NeoGAF, Reddit) it seems like there are some other "side-line" viewers. Would this be helpful/neat, or redundant and a waste of time?
  7. Did OpTic Scrim against nV recently? If so, what was the result? Working on a video, and I remember hearing something about a scrim, but I wasn't able to watch it.
  8. I haven't gone positive in 10 games+ I haven't been placed in gold since launch.
  9. Lately I've been tuned out of everything Halo eSports related until just 2 days ago. Can anybody roughly summarize the stats fiasco for me?
  10. It's worth going to if you ever need a new signature.
  11. SAW on Mercy single-handedly ruins the flow of Slayer on that map. Take it out or reduce the ammo capacity; It creates too much of a snowball effect as it currently is.
  12. The Didact really needs to come back. Shitty comics be damned. The frankie quote though, I don't know if I see anything wrong with it.
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