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  1. inv for customs whenever im on H5 GT: T Minus
  2. looking people to run matchmaking with team arena or slayer or doubles GT is Troy Songgz
  3. anyone to4 trying to scrim tonight? trying out a 4th right now. just add me on XbL Troy Songgz
  4. trying to get custom 8s going on the new HCS maps msg me on XbL if youre down! GT= Troy Songgz
  5. My friend and I are wanting to create a team or join one to compete in the HCS. We want to do online tourneys first to see where we stand first before going all in on LAN events. We both started playing competitively on H3. Both good players but would also like to use this as way to learn more and get better. Im on central time and my partner is on eastern but we both live in Tennessee. add me (datsTRAGiC) or my partner (Lefty Bruh) on XbL to run some games.
  6. Team Name: No Fear Winner: No Fear Round Number: Round 2 Score: 2 - 0
  7. Team Name: No Fear Winner: No Fear Round Number: Round 1 Score: 2 - 0
  8. datsTRAGiC I've been wanting to play some H3 8's for awhile
  9. I would love to have customizable button layouts
  10. anyone know the callouts for the maps used in AGL. i stopped playing halo 4 during the test 4 settings and now im getting back in so now i need help with the callouts on the maps
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