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  1. Kinda disappointed that there wasn't a question about sprint on there, but baby steps I suppose. Props to @@Saucey for coming through once more.
  2. My b I hope it is >75% in favor of removal, or at least modification so walking doesn't show up.
  3. There was no reference to asymmetrical maps in that quote....Where did that come from? I do agree though, I'd rather slayer on less asymms as well.
  4. There is no way this is an option. Two FPS's at the same time? We can barely support one. However, what you said for (a) I REALLY hope happens. That would be the optimal situation, and hopefully HW2 actually gains a competitive following. I have my doubts on how that scene will turn out though...
  5. Is it possible to delete a team? My teammate told me he can't make it, and I don't see an option anywhere.
  6. What? 60fps is definitely superior, but even as a PC gamer at times I have no qualms with 30fps. I've happily played H3 splitscreen multiple times over the past year with some of my housemates, and I always enjoy myself as much if not more than I do playing H5,
  7. Not sure why my previous post required a captcha (one of those click this box ones) and then didn't post like an hour ago. Thanks to drafts, I'll try this again. Why do the top 3 screens on the left say $25,000 while the rest say $28,000? I'm assuming more money was added to the prize pool and not all graphics were changed. Regardless, that shouldn't happen on an official advertisement. PROOF READ, PEOPLE. Inb4 people tell me to proofread this post Edit: And bottom 3 screens on the right are the same. Edit2: Why do tweets not always show up in quotes? Do I need to change something, or is it a TB bug? I agree and disagree. If Renegade was being led to believe he would be the fourth for the team, then this decision makes me respect the lot a bit less. However, we don't know the situation. I really hope that it was clear to Renegade that he wasn't the definite pickup, and it was clear to him the whole time who and what the options were. If this all was the case, I have no issue with the Eco pickup. While Renegade was great for the team and (imo) their best slayer, I can see this team working out just as well if not better. As someone said earlier (@@TiberiusAudley probably?) They lost 3 games the entire Worlds tournament, all of which to Denial (final series 3-2), who then took 3rd/4th after losing to CLG 4/2. This was a good squad and I am excited to root for them again. They don't have any "main slayers" per say in H5, but I have hope that they will pull it together. They all have some slaying prowess and they all can do it all. Also, Eco too underrated. (Maybe not anymore? Used to be. Haven't seen much praise from the community) Edit: But given that the top 2 teams are the 8 best slayers on H5 imo (at least 8/12),I'm not sure anyone can compete with them. No Lethul isn't a slayer, but let's all be honest. He can do whatever the Hell his team needs him to do. I'd still put him in my top 12 slayers. Was it to the shins? Really? Shouldn't have been a headshot, but for H5 that wouldn't even be considered a generous headshot imo. @@Sal1ent @@Deez please lower megnetism on the sniper..... PLEASE
  8. From reading Snakebite's tweets yesterday, it seems the problem that some pros have with this is that $3000 is also how much 3rd place gets. If all of the pro teams were to show up, the AM team that wins the open bracket still makes more than 4 pro teams even if they get first rounded in the next bracket. Now, does that sound right to you? I understand why it is being done, not a lot of teams have been showing up and this is really good incentive for AM teams. However, this isn't the incentive we need.
  9. I was extremely disappointed in ESA for the first two days but after watching them pull it together for Sunday, I hope that 343 allows them to host more events. However, if they do, the production value needs to improve. While literally everything was better on Sunday , it was still a far cry from what we once had. I'd like to see MLG become involved, and for ESA to hire better graphic designers (any graphic designers?) (@@mediabrute I love you). Aside from graphics and downtime at the end of Sunday (apparently due to vetoes) I had zero issues with the stream (on Sunday). Bravo @@Phade for making great improvements at a moments notice both in your casting and in the stream. Even though the bans in the finals didn't go over well, the fact that you incorporated them in the stream almost immediately after reading a comment is remarkable. Great job, and props to you. Now if only 343 would follow in step All-in-all, I think I see why 343i thought they needed to host an event with y'all. Great job Wade at incorporating and responding to feedback so quiickly throughout the week. The difference was astronomical. Edit: Now if only @@CyReN would increase premium rep to 400 during tournaments, I run out wayyyyyy to quick Edit1: Someone else said it already, but I want to parrot them: props to @@Phade and the entirety of ESA for giving us the best Sunday of LAN Halo 5 we've had yet. Today was amazing
  10. Apparently Phizzurp was the DD, for anyone who cares. From the gofundme . OT: I'm enjoying the Challenger's Cups much more this season, I barely even wanted to last season and would usually end up turning it off. Much more enjoyable now.
  11. Crashed into a pole and 3 trees according to his girlfriend, had to be going pretty fast. Unfortunate, may he RIP.
  12. @@Sal1ent Is having a "home server" added to the menus of Halo 5 an option in the future? Using this, you would have 9 xboxs for a 4v4 game, with 1 xbox acting as the server. Similar to what @@Apoll0 recommended last page for PC.
  13. The biggest problem with this at the moment is that your company seems to be the only one capable of getting private servers from 343 (as well as MLG for Regionals). Not many people are willing to spend the money to travel to an online tournament.
  14. I was just pointing that out, I am more more frustrated that Oddball hasn't even been given a chance as far as I am aware. Maybe everyone just thinks it would play like shit, I don't know.
  15. So, if I am reading http://teambeyond.net/cod-infinite-warfare-multiplayer-overview-released/ right, Infinite Warfare has Oddball before we even try it? Ok. Edit: And headhunter I think it was called, brings skulls from kills to an objective. They also took Ricochet before that, I am seeing a trend here...
  16. Ace on Cratos Kappa https://clips.twitch.tv/acetv/SuccessfulVultureFuzzyOtterOO Edit: I don't even remember posting this
  17. Honestly, ninja's only drawback in my eyes are his signature plays...

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