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  1. Ace, Renegade, RoyBox. Not sure if this is new or not, I hadn't heard of Renegade in there before though I might have missed it. https://clips.twitch.tv/commonly/WildCaribouDBstyle
  2. On closed servers, yes. Online though, it is better but still not perfect.
  3. Both camo radar and the radar usable in warzone once you hit level 5 are functionally identical.
  4. Yup, the arena playlist was changed to a test playlist. Edit: Rig slayer in customs appears unchanged, maybe they aren't going to change the maps in customs until the settings are finalized?
  5. @@FrankieFourShot xboxdvr.com/RTSxRagnarok/fb37a9d6-e923-4d1f-9856-d52fe5e8cf02
  6. As far as I am aware, the only time it changes by itself is when you spawn on top of a different type of nade. Then, it switches to whatever type you spawned on top of.
  7. The only thing I'd add is that the Plasma Caste charged shot should kill if you stick someone with it, imo. As it stands, it is possible to survive if the subexplosives don't hit you.
  8. L8, but isn't that where Str8 Rippin' comes from? Or is that just a rumor I heard once and assumed to be true?
  9. Ola doing Ola things, crazy that that spawn happened. https://clips.twitch.tv/pglpro/MotionlessChamoisSMOrc Edit: Gotta love the guy https://clips.twitch.tv/pglpro/DoubtfulLocustPanicBasket
  10. It seems that Rammy is coaching Starboys? Unfortunate, would have liked to see him playing in this tournament.
  11. Ryanoob is, connection isn't that bad, slight delay on nades. Shots seem alright.
  12. For anyone who watches a lot of EU Halo, why does it seem that Jimbo is usually going neg while the rest of his team goes off? Is he just being that workhorse, getting everything else done?
  13. Let me direct you to the wonderful halodatahive.com Edit: TL 7:5 EG nV 9:1 LG OG 7:3 LOL may have missed one or two series
  14. I'm confused, are they playing on dev kits? I thought this was an online tournament, but halo5arena doesn't have those UGC gamertags they've been using at times.
  15. Yeah, the game was (is) broken and has 3 maps. I think an H3A would do very well, but I'm not sure I want it to be a standalone. An expansion for H5 would be better for Halo imo. Along with server/gameplay fixes by then as well I would hope.
  16. @@Saucey @@CyReN Is the money that people donated going toward a second invitational? It was said on stream that it was for $500 but I thought I read that others had donated.
  17. Halo is hosting the TeamBeyond stream, that's pretty cool to see. Maybe there truly is a chance.
  18. Kinda disappointed that there wasn't a question about sprint on there, but baby steps I suppose. Props to @@Saucey for coming through once more.

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