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  1. Top 8 points from everything that has happened so far have a guaranteed sunday seed. Sorry to burst your bubble.
  2. Well, yeah. Before as a solo you had a radar to provide a shit ton of info. Now it provides half as much. Of course solo queue is harder Edit: Definitely have more freedom to make plays though, I'm finding myself disagreeing with my above statement.
  3. Straight upgrade in terms of the role that the weapons fill. Of course rockets are an upgrade over your starting weapon, but that is clearly not what I was referencing. You can definitely have an interesting sandbox that isn't only power weapons. In H5 for example, the on-map competitive sandbox (power weapons aside) should be imo the AR, a slightly toned down brute plasma rifle, LR, carbine, plasma pistol, needler, suppressor, boltshot, and a modified storm rifle to be like the ce plasma rifle (stunlock). One could definitely argue that the suppressor and boltshot are useless which is an issue but they still have unique roles, something that the BR/DMR/SMG/Storm don't. Instead, they just make the game easier by holding your hand.
  4. No, having a sandbox filled with weapons that are just uninteresting, straight upgrades to starting weapons "isn't" Halo. @@Jimbo thank you for trying
  5. It reminds me of spinbot from CS (doesn't seem possible on xbox but what do ik) but seems like lag based off the theatre clip. Wtf regardless
  6. Were we watching the same event? Contra was the best player on the squad? Lunchbox and 2gre both outperformed him imo.
  7. They can sell the contracts though, effectively selling the pro league spot. (Assuming those contracts still have decent time on them?) I don't see them leaving Halo in the foreseeable future, myself.
  8. I could be totally off, but many places speak English comingled with their language. Probably just the case here, I doubt they think they are pulling new viewers because 5% of the audio is English
  9. It won't be Treyarch, it will be Sledgehammer. Their last CoD was AW Edit: 2018 derp
  10. I ran into Calm the other day and have been messaging him some. I asked about Tiz, and he said that his whole team tweeted FA/to2 as a troll. STDx is still a team.
  11. Nah, that is too much effort. They tweeted the EU stream at least though Edit: And they retweeted the AUZ LCQ. Funny, I really hope they do.
  12. EU has coaches at live events, right? Gonna be a little bit difficult for them with how the main stage curves, can only see 2 maybe 3 screens at a time it seems. Venue looks awesome though, at least the next two pro league finals will also have nice locations?
  13. Minor edit, but you have Huke listed as Huke "Cuyler" Garland, switched his alias and his first name. Good read though
  14. I don't know if there is a rule against it, but can you imagine OpTic, nV, and Liquid going over and taking top 3? What do they do, give HWC spots to 4,5,6? What about the teams the NA guys beat? Even if they are allowed, I really don't think they should.
  15. Having a personality go down onto the floor with a cameraman always interests me as a viewer from home. I think having more of that (some tournaments it doesn't happen at all) would be nice.
  16. If I've learned anything about our community, we don't give up completely. If 343 drops their competitive support and the entire existing infrastructure were to diminish, I'm almost certain something (less than ideal for sure, but something) would pop up in its place. At least we'd get better settings then
  17. Damn fat fingers. Sorry. I'm not even surprised that this will be in Burbank... I've lost all faith.
  18. Honestly, just watch Sunday's rebroadcast. Every match was hype
  19. I think the mistake you are making is that you think this thread is meant for a different type of discourse. I can guarantee you 90% of the people who frequent this thread would much prefer a Halo that harkens back to the first 3, but this thread is for discussion about the current competitive scene, not the settings used. There are threads meant for that which 343 visit for feedback. Whenever this thread begins to turn into that, a link is posted to the settings thread and the discussion is shut down. You may be thinking to yourself "I never see half of these people in those other threads". Well yeah, those other threads generally run in circles. The same discussion has been going for over a year now, nothing is going to change in the current game, people are sick of talking about it. Having the discussion continue in those threads is great, keep reminding 343 what matters to us for Halo 6... but I guarantee you they already know what this community wants. Back to lurking.
  20. Two channels are setup with permanent listenin, twitch.tv/ugcred and twitch.tv/ugcblue

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