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  1. Y'all thought the sniper magnetism was too high? You haven't seen anything xboxdvr.com/RTSxRagnarok/62bd369a-b284-4002-ba9d-75468ed0dd26
  2. I can't express how happy I am that someone was able to replicate this and figure it out so quickly. Thank you!
  3. Is this new? I used thrust as I reloaded, it canceled my reload, but my BR still reloaded similar to how one can cancel with sprint, but performed a lot sooner. This seems like something that could be useful if mastered. On a side note, the thrust animation doesn't actually happen... perhaps it is a glitch relating to that? xboxdvr.com/RTSxRagnarok/f12ab5dd-9c86-4b7c-9323-26fe7048bcad
  4. Another matchmaking feedback from Josh https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/58b8518e005f432381ab99fbcaf931e0/topics/matchmaking-feedback-update-%E2%80%93-april-3/4dfd88df-d29f-4d2e-98eb-9adce8d5fa07/posts?page=1 Edit: don't bother clicking
  5. The pistol being the hardest precision weapon in the game -> pistol starts, please.
  6. @@CyReN Still costs $5 for people who used to be premium, which is holding me back
  7. oops, accidental neg Read friend, the past pro league seasons rulebooks didn't have this rule. It was erroneously reintroduced for the HWC rulebook from the 2016 HWC rulebook.
  8. I would like to see no one eliminated by pools, so the bottom team in each group would go to the loser's bracket.
  9. Did Ninja screw your girl or something? Why do so many members of this site seem to have personal vendettas against certain pro players? He is successful in two video games, good for him. Get over it.
  10. No news is good news? Excited for this Hitch documentary, really enjoy what he does with the videos he makes for OpTic Nation. Assuming he takes his time with this and talks to community members about things that should be in it which he may not know about, I can't see it flopping.
  11. I think it was only ever a pitch, and no one said it was actually happening. The Spielberg thing though... Edit: The Spielberg TV show is apparently still happening. Edit2: Maybe it wasn't just a pitch? http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/pilgrim-343-industries-developing-halo-e-sports-series-951405
  12. He has said a few times he is playing for fun in H5 to try and keep the rust off, and then take it more seriously in H6
  13. @@SnakeBite, were you impressed by anyone in particular in the LCQ? Any unexpected standouts?
  14. Top 8 points from everything that has happened so far have a guaranteed sunday seed. Sorry to burst your bubble.
  15. Well, yeah. Before as a solo you had a radar to provide a shit ton of info. Now it provides half as much. Of course solo queue is harder Edit: Definitely have more freedom to make plays though, I'm finding myself disagreeing with my above statement.
  16. Straight upgrade in terms of the role that the weapons fill. Of course rockets are an upgrade over your starting weapon, but that is clearly not what I was referencing. You can definitely have an interesting sandbox that isn't only power weapons. In H5 for example, the on-map competitive sandbox (power weapons aside) should be imo the AR, a slightly toned down brute plasma rifle, LR, carbine, plasma pistol, needler, suppressor, boltshot, and a modified storm rifle to be like the ce plasma rifle (stunlock). One could definitely argue that the suppressor and boltshot are useless which is an issue but they still have unique roles, something that the BR/DMR/SMG/Storm don't. Instead, they just make the game easier by holding your hand.
  17. No, having a sandbox filled with weapons that are just uninteresting, straight upgrades to starting weapons "isn't" Halo. @@Jimbo thank you for trying

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