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  1. QFT This entire post was gold, and I don't want it to go on unnoticed (not that it could with such a wall of text ). Every caster could takes notes from this, even sections that aren't directed at them. Quality stuff
  2. I like what GP can be used for in terms of movement, but I'd honestly rather melees happens when I click the button in the air than all the movement options it provides.
  3. Don't have to be an OG member for the name to be synonymous with you, he first joined the team only a few months after its inception and by far has the longest time spent on the team. BtH didn't start with Maniac at all, but I'd argue that his name has the most attachment to that team compared to any other pro, only Cloud could challenge (and Cloud has been on the team longer).
  4. I feel like that is an exception, considering T2 decided to bring his team name back as an actual organization. If, say, Ghost were the one to bring back Str8 as an org having played on the team a couple times, I don't know if the community would have been so behind it. It would have been cool to see, but it wouldn't seem right imo. Edit: And I suppose it depends what the team name has accomplished. There would be a lot more backlash for a random team using a name with a lot of clout as opposed to using something like Darkest Hour
  5. I was under the impression that it wasn't allowed because of MLG, but that doesn't explain Str8. Final Boss w/ Ninja did have both VicX and FiS on it though. IMO if the team has a few of its past members that used the name for a reasonable amount of time, or one member who the brand is just associated with (like T2 and Str8, 2gre and FB, etc.) it's fine.
  6. I really don't think it has a place. It simply isn't good enough, I've never seen someone in ranked pick it up above platinum unless out of ammo. Also, if it were buffed it would likely become a bit broken in the sandbox. I'd much rather see a gunfighter in place after doing an octagon with it Edit: I do like 's suggestion of the nerfed H4 boltshot, that would make it a worthwhile weapon
  7. Y'all thought the sniper magnetism was too high? You haven't seen anything xboxdvr.com/RTSxRagnarok/62bd369a-b284-4002-ba9d-75468ed0dd26
  8. I can't express how happy I am that someone was able to replicate this and figure it out so quickly. Thank you!
  9. Is this new? I used thrust as I reloaded, it canceled my reload, but my BR still reloaded similar to how one can cancel with sprint, but performed a lot sooner. This seems like something that could be useful if mastered. On a side note, the thrust animation doesn't actually happen... perhaps it is a glitch relating to that? xboxdvr.com/RTSxRagnarok/f12ab5dd-9c86-4b7c-9323-26fe7048bcad
  10. Another matchmaking feedback from Josh https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/58b8518e005f432381ab99fbcaf931e0/topics/matchmaking-feedback-update-%E2%80%93-april-3/4dfd88df-d29f-4d2e-98eb-9adce8d5fa07/posts?page=1 Edit: don't bother clicking
  11. The pistol being the hardest precision weapon in the game -> pistol starts, please.
  12. @@CyReN Still costs $5 for people who used to be premium, which is holding me back
  13. oops, accidental neg Read friend, the past pro league seasons rulebooks didn't have this rule. It was erroneously reintroduced for the HWC rulebook from the 2016 HWC rulebook.
  14. I would like to see no one eliminated by pools, so the bottom team in each group would go to the loser's bracket.
  15. Did Ninja screw your girl or something? Why do so many members of this site seem to have personal vendettas against certain pro players? He is successful in two video games, good for him. Get over it.
  16. No news is good news? Excited for this Hitch documentary, really enjoy what he does with the videos he makes for OpTic Nation. Assuming he takes his time with this and talks to community members about things that should be in it which he may not know about, I can't see it flopping.
  17. I think it was only ever a pitch, and no one said it was actually happening. The Spielberg thing though... Edit: The Spielberg TV show is apparently still happening. Edit2: Maybe it wasn't just a pitch? http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/pilgrim-343-industries-developing-halo-e-sports-series-951405
  18. He has said a few times he is playing for fun in H5 to try and keep the rust off, and then take it more seriously in H6
  19. @@SnakeBite, were you impressed by anyone in particular in the LCQ? Any unexpected standouts?

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