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  1. This is the truth. Every family owned pizzeria I know (I live in upstate NY) far surpasses any chain, 10 times over easily. Not to mention the prices are usually cheaper as well. Chicago pizza is also pretty good, though no where near ours Edit: As to BBQ, all I know is what my own family makes (delicious) and Dinosaur BBQ (almost as good as our pizza). Northeast food >
  2. If you mean make it the starting weapon, which i believe you do, I wholeheartedly disagree. Far too much autoaim and magnetism. If you mean remove it completely from this game, barring any 343 changes, I couldn't agree more. It has a role in this game as a middle of the map weapon like Coli, or a one-for-each-team weapon like Fathom. However, as the weapon exists now, I'd rather it didn't exist, as it is too easy to use. pistol>>>
  3. 6 bursts = perfect. Thank you 343/weird thrust mechanics. Edit: It seems 2 bursts were refunded to me, @@Devaneaux please solve the mystery
  4. I'm enjoying the interviews, one piece of advice though. Focus on not uptalking so much, it will make them even better.
  5. Since no one answered this, it is the same as it was before (what you remember). What I suppose you didn't notice though, is that if the bar fully loads, it doesn't matter if someone quits out. The game is going to start regardless of how many players are still in the lobby. Edit: Really what they need to do is before the game actually starts and you leave the loading screen, do one last check to make sure if it is 4v4. If so, continue. If not, find more players. If people leave between that and the game starting, give a severe punishment. Problem solved.
  6. Those complaining about controller issues: Maybe y'all should buy an elite. Outside of the cheap ass warranty that I didn't take advantage of, I'm still on my first elite. The only problems that I haven't been able to fix by myself (no soldering or anything remotely complex for the other problems) have been that: My right bumper can be almost completely lifted out of place; My top right paddle (used for thrust) has become decompressed, since it is made of some sort of rubber. When I click it repeatedly as one does, it wears down and doesn't always work. I fixed this by moving thrust to bottom right paddle which was previously not in use since I use three paddles. Could be a big problem for some users. I have found that the buttons do decompress themselves after a few weeks though, which is advantageous for a 3 paddle user since you can switch between one and the other. My problems that I have been able to fix: At one point, my left bumper completely fell out of place. I've heard of similar reports, I was able to use super glue to fix the issue. The grip on the left handle became unfastened, also resolved with superglue. Edit: Not at all an official endorsement of an elite controller (as if, I wish), just my positive experiences. I have enjoyed it thoroughly and have used multiple other multi-button controllers... it is still my favorite.
  7. @@Clap Why is it that when CoD goes to a listen in, the gameplay becomes smaller to accommodate a player cam 3 times as big as needed? Imo, having a small cam below the minimap > Edit: I definitely recognize that the UI is already pretty busy, but I'd prefer it being a little busier for not losing a fourth of my viewing space while I'm already watching on a small screen. For TV's this definitely isn't much of a problem, but i don't think that many people watch mlg/twitch on a tv. Could be wrong.
  8. I know this conversation is over, but WWII gameplay is popping up on youtube. I withdraw my last post; there is health regen, there are not 5 different classes to choose from (in the battlefield manner, at least. Seems like the 5 divisions are linked to perks). Sound is bleh, but seems good overall from what I've watched.
  9. Did we watch the same trailer? I learned virtually nothing; it looked cool, but I still don't know if multiplayer will not have health regen and will go with the 5 class system. If the above two ideas are what they go with, no way in Hell do I buy the game which leads me to believe that they are indeed what's happening. They wouldn't want to drive away the population by showing that bullshit, so show a bunch of random "hype" high adrenaline gameplay, what CoD has always relied on. That trailer gave me even less hope for the new CoD than I have for H6. Edit: I'd love to be proven wrong. Nothing short of a classic Halo would make me happier than a classic CoD game. Fuck the new jetpack bullcrap. I just want classic movement in a modern game. Edit2: @@TryHardFan class based would drive me away, so it does mean something. CoD and Battlefield are very different, even if both have 0.5 second kill times. Disregarding scale of the matches, 6v6 (or 4v4) Battlefield couldn't come close to the same game as 6v6 CoD, even on the same maps. Edit3: Just rewatched the trailer, I'm even less hyped than I was which I didn't think was possible. Looks like it will be a larger scale than I'd like, and I still have no reason to believe that it won't be class based. Screw the flamethrower in MP, in addition to the bunker-style maps that they seemed to show. 0 hype from someone who was a CoD fan LONG before I was introduced to Halo.
  10. In regards to ghost shots being worse after the recent "heavy aim update"... I used to have a shot not register once a day, maybe twice a day. Now, this is the regular per game: xboxdvr.com/EgoisticShip284/b3f574dc-b350-4fab-a54e-6818fe09fa72 Edit: Please, someone tell me I was missing in that last fight. I beg of you.
  11. While I agree that it wont mean much, if WW2 is based on 5 different classes I'll be hesitant to buy it. This is coming from someone who has been playin CoD since CoD 3. If it is a traditional CoD, I'll hands down buy it on release, but if it class based... I'll wait at least a few months to see how it plays out. It will have to have rave reviews and my friends will have to love it to convince me.
  12. I wouldnt be so certain until they actually show it later today. From what I understand, it could very well be a class based shooter. We'll see
  13. Upon further consideration after talking to one of my friends about it, I'd change my vote if I could. May Cena snap my neck quickly and gracefully
  14. I would agree, if the open bracket wasn't part of determining the relegation teams. That throws a whole wrench in the idea though, unfortunately. Also, thank you @@Deez for stopping by! Hope to see you more often
  15. Same, but I can say after owning the same one linked earlier for a few months now, I don't experience any packet loss and it seems superior to wifi.
  16. So, this definitely did not change the reticle moving much slower when looking at nearby objects as opposed to farther objects, just tested that in the middle of the game.
  17. Most recently I've been using 1/4/4 with default curves, 4/4 deadzones. I've jumped through what feels like every sens with the Elite, this feels the most consistent to me but that could very well be in my head. FWIW, my second favorite was 3/4 with a smooth curve. This game...
  18. Hopefully Bubu's connection has improved... would hate to see them not make it because of what happened yesterday again.
  19. QFT This entire post was gold, and I don't want it to go on unnoticed (not that it could with such a wall of text ). Every caster could takes notes from this, even sections that aren't directed at them. Quality stuff
  20. I like what GP can be used for in terms of movement, but I'd honestly rather melees happens when I click the button in the air than all the movement options it provides.
  21. Don't have to be an OG member for the name to be synonymous with you, he first joined the team only a few months after its inception and by far has the longest time spent on the team. BtH didn't start with Maniac at all, but I'd argue that his name has the most attachment to that team compared to any other pro, only Cloud could challenge (and Cloud has been on the team longer).
  22. I feel like that is an exception, considering T2 decided to bring his team name back as an actual organization. If, say, Ghost were the one to bring back Str8 as an org having played on the team a couple times, I don't know if the community would have been so behind it. It would have been cool to see, but it wouldn't seem right imo. Edit: And I suppose it depends what the team name has accomplished. There would be a lot more backlash for a random team using a name with a lot of clout as opposed to using something like Darkest Hour
  23. I was under the impression that it wasn't allowed because of MLG, but that doesn't explain Str8. Final Boss w/ Ninja did have both VicX and FiS on it though. IMO if the team has a few of its past members that used the name for a reasonable amount of time, or one member who the brand is just associated with (like T2 and Str8, 2gre and FB, etc.) it's fine.
  24. I really don't think it has a place. It simply isn't good enough, I've never seen someone in ranked pick it up above platinum unless out of ammo. Also, if it were buffed it would likely become a bit broken in the sandbox. I'd much rather see a gunfighter in place after doing an octagon with it Edit: I do like 's suggestion of the nerfed H4 boltshot, that would make it a worthwhile weapon

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