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  1. Found it, beginning of Formal's interview @1:10:30 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/250126184
  2. Considering I'm working noon-7 est tomorrow... can we have ESL take over for the day so I can catch the losers finals and grand finals when i get home?
  3. This is also, afaik, the first time shit has gone down under Infinite. Hecz isn't the only guy in the picture now. Previous to this, the biggest thing to change in infinite optic was Mixwell leaving/cod guys being vocal about their discontent.
  4. I agree, and I have been trying to find anything via google relating to the matter without success. If it is true, there could be a clause about stipends for good placements? Probably best to assume those people have no idea what they were talking about. It will be interesting to see how this affects the future of OpTic, as a lot of their members & Hecz seem extremely against this.
  5. Their GoW team doesn't get winnings, at least that is what some folks on r/opticgaming were saying. Could have been that Infinite wanted that sorta clause in the Halo team's contract as well.
  6. Even H2 and H5.... damn. Also for H3, only Snip3down, Ola, and Roybox holding it down.
  7. @@Bad Dub Under MVP when looking at a series page (ie http://halodatahive.com/Scrim/Summary/3394), the mvp is listed as "Button". I know the kid is good, but he can't be mvp of a series he wasn't even in. Side note, of course OpTic lost. Lethul had the highest KD on the team Edit: So, there is supposed to be a 'vote' button there. Some sourcecode just didn't load properly I suppose
  8. Does anyone know why Tapping Buttons isn't attending? A StW roster change doesn't make sense.
  9. Worst comes to worst, stats can be compiled from HDH for top tier players. However, not all open bracket team stats will be recorded.
  10. Is there a way to see the members of a team on MLG's website? Trying to figure out who the new StW is, but haven't been able to ascertain that info there or on HDH yet @@Clap
  11. This is still one of my favorite moments/games from any live stream I've watched. His 1v1's against the sudds were golden.
  12. While I agree with what you're saying, I think Halo needs something akin to CoD where all skill levels are in the same game but everyone still feels like they have a role and can contribute. A playlist where everyone can feel like a god based on the lobby they get. Warzone does a decent job of this (ignoring the reqs), but 12v12 isn't what everyone wants to play. If I'm playing social I want to relax, not play even more sweaty than I would in ranked (assuming what he says is true about social being more difficult). The solution is probably the (I think?) original social, where sometimes you get games where you are the lowest skilled and other times the highest skilled. Idk, I'm just a gamer
  13. Given our current climate, this means that T2 can cast without any issues right?
  14. Royal 2 and Snakebite are living together in Dallas, if that is new. https://youtu.be/pPOnvcU5-vM?t=310
  15. @@Deez @anyone from 343 that may be reading, these videos perfectly describes the primary dilemma that we as avid halo players are dealing with. I understand that some people are appreciative of the "enhanced mobility" trend that 343 is trying to follow. However, I want you to consider this; H3 had over 1,000,000 concurrent, unique users on the regular, in a market competing with CoD 4 (which many consider to be the greatest CoD of all time), Medal of Honor Airborne, Shadowrun, TF2, Crysis, Unreal tournament 2, Rainbow Six Vegas 2, and BF Bad Company. Even with all of these fantastic games launching within a year of Halo 3, it STILL maintained dominance and the number one place in the Unique user library. As for Halo 5, this past month showed 135,699 unique users based on halotracker.com. Almost a quarter of those are my own Smurfs Meanwhile, Halo 3 cracked a million players with no developer competitive hype behind it during its peak. Tell me, which is more popular? Edit @@Bravo @@GH057ayame @grimbrotherone @anyone working at 343 pls. We want a good halo game, not a mediocre amalgamation of Halo, CoD, and Battlefield. If it happens, say goodbye to 2k viewers on twitch and hello to 50k viewers (conservative?) within no time. Edit 2: I understand that new features take time to develop. However, it shouldn't take "6-12 months" in order to get a preexisting gametype that has been proven to work to get running. For something to take so long, there must be a concerning pitfall in the process. Maybe the issue is hiring better programmers (I'm available ), hiring people that actually give a damn about the series (I'm available ), or perhaps the management is at fault (my best guess (I'm available )). The structure of 343 seems to be far too corporate to succeed in today's world, hence the above. RIP Halo. Edit 3: If Halo 6 is more of the same, @Halo don't expect the game to surpass H5's records. Coming from someone with over 20 days in H5, I don't think I'll even play that trash; I can't touch the game since HCS got removed. I'll welcome Fortnite and some other new game with open arms. Halo 3 would break 200 teams for a LAN no problem. How many can H5 get?
  16. QFT. I came into the scene during the God Squad, best of luck to Roy and whomever comprises Lunch's team. This duo Has been one of the greatest... RIP CLG, LBX is in town
  17. Agreed, I think teaming with aPG really helped him attitude wise just because he wouldn't put up with Dan's shit. I really think he will be a top player in the coming years, assuming future Halo is dope competitively. Same applies to a few of the young guns that haven't broken into the pro league yet, imo. Edit: Pls stream @@Mikwen. We are running dry on pros to watch, your resurrection would be >
  18. Maybe I'm wrong, but I am pretty sure y'all are misunderstanding. It was an imposter AC Royale trying to scam for money, not the real one throwing all of his money away. Edit: Whelp that Dexerto article proves me wrong
  19. If anyone wants to turn the contents of this thread into a feedback thread, I'd love you. If not, @@Deez I hope you're reading this. This BR... No RNG in the burst, please. Every other change made, bar maybe the gunfighter magnum which seems bad now (though I may have simply not used it enough), appears to be good. However, for the love of all that is holy, spread is not something we need in H5. It was hated in H2, H3, and Reach's DMR. It does not belong in Halo. As said previously, there are better ways to make a weapon less efficient. Also, the AR post patch still seems too strong given the tap potential. Nothing seems to have been changed there, which imo is the bigger problem than spraying.
  20. I'm sure more avid followers can give better insight (@@OGreenWall ?), but imo: a lot of great talent that is untested with boots on the ground in Huke and Temp. Slasher is really good, didn't have much success in Ghosts but has evolved over the years into a great player and I think he'll do well. Idk about Classic, he'll probably be fine. If they play as well as they did in jetpack games and can adapt to the botg playstyle, build chemistry, I could see them being a consistent top 3. If they can't adapt... rip

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