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  1. He is saying on average. Maybe at some times it is 200,000, maybe as low as 20,000 at others. 50,000 is purely an average, and in no way indicates unique users or actual concurrent users.
  2. Have fun talking to walls, I understand what you are saying and you are 100% correct. Seems it can't get through to people though.
  3. 2 out of 5, that is 60%. Still doesn't change your point really though.
  4. I would like to say that mine developed drift on the fourth day of use on the right stick, very slight. Aside from that my only complaint is the same as others have mentioned, paddles are wayyyy to easy to click. Super nice feel though.
  5. Seems to me that he just had a suicide at some point, reducing his score by one. No?
  6. Boltshot is a 4burst kill, and is now heatseeking. Edit: I have only seen it on Regret. There is one spawn on each team's bridge connecting the base to top mid
  7. I'm not sure if this was mentioned or not; I previously stated that the radar picked up all movement, and in case anyone still believes this to be the case, it only picks up people sprinting, thrusting, shooting, etc. Walking isn't picked up. One of 2gre's teammates just said this on stream, sounded like Snakebite to me.
  8. Well, both Snip3down and Heinz can't play because their gamertags were entered wrong on the whitelist. Unfortunate, hopefully it gets remedied #soon.
  9. Who specifically has been vocal about their disdain?
  10. What about Ninja? NinjaWen is what got me into competitive (and in general) Halo, before that I was a cod kid. I was excited to see the duo returning, is that bridge burned?
  11. Walking around shows up on radar. The rumor of only sprintning/thrusting/etc started when someone misanalyzed a clip of gameplay.
  12. I got banned for saying better players need to start streaming Also APG is answering questions in that chat
  13. Only press send once, then leave the page and come back to it. DON'T hit refresh. DON'T attempt to post again.
  14. It will attempt to match to4 against to4, but it is not a guarantee.
  15. Already answered, it isn't guaranteed but it is the goal. If a to4 can't be found with matching skill/good connection, then it moves away from finding a to4
  16. Suddoth1 is streaming H5 right now :saucey: Edit: I take that back. He started the game, is now playing halo 4

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