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  1. Pretty sure Tox got second to SQ Friday, if that was the first tournament they had played. Nvm Tox won 3-2.
  2. So uh... Buks are from the EU, but they did have a team called Power that came overseas a few times. https://halo-esports.gamepedia.com/Power_Gaming I hope Str8 comes over as a team.
  3. Roy still has it https://clips.twitch.tv/DaintyHardBasenjiKlappa
  4. Teddy and Ramby were their 4th and 5th, since shottzy isn't 18 until July 4.
  5. For multiplayer, it generally adds 1 bullet to the number needed to kill. The prevalence of fmj and the ammo specialist makes it balanced considering how powerful the other choices are as well. I’m blackout it is still rough if you don’t have armor.
  6. Winners Rd 1 they played against some people that never stopped playing BO3 (my understanding), losers 1 they got matched against Huke's squad so... I'll be rooting for Frosty if he sticks with it. It'd be cool to see some others switch as well, at least until Infinite comes out.
  7. Finish Saturday, because they have to wait for the teams from open bracket.
  8. Oh ok, I saw from Jimbo's twitter that he was in America so I thought he must have been playing. Disappointing.
  9. Jimbo and Tapping's teams got knocked out in open or did I miss something?
  10. Commonly, Suspector, Danoxide, Cratos vs Druk84, Juziro, Mr Soul Snipe, Gilkey
  11. Not having a LatAm Gears/Halo event is a mistake, those communities are both fierce. Awesome that we are seeing combined events again though!

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