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  1. There is a monumental difference between a tenth of a second and 1.5 seconds. I'm not advocating for the latter and I'm definitely not advocating for the former. Half a second to a second is optimal to me, fast enough to empower an individual to take on multiple enemies but slow enough that people can react and kill their attacker. CE pistol wasn't necessarily who sees who first due to some skill required to use, nor was it a tenth of a second kill time as was suggested. If you want to kill people with the utility weapon in a tenth of a second, Halo is not the game for you. Chasing trends is a large part of why Halo is in the shit position it has been for the last decade.
  2. .1? I don't want to die before I even know I'm being shot, thanks. Warzone is far more popular than standard CoD at this point. Best 2 auto guns in Warzone have a perfect TTK of ~.55 seconds while most others are around .8 and an average ttk across popular guns around a full second. The age of skill over who sees who first is not over, nor should Halo become a game of who sees who first. This is Halo, not CoD nor CS.
  3. (OT) Along a similar vein, I remember watching this live and wondering how the Hell he had like 200 viewers on a good day Edit: Best part at 8:00
  4. No, player contracts forbid it. However from my understanding, most CoD contracts were 1 or 2 years in duration and Frosty has been on the record as recently as June on his stream saying he prefers Halo. He could be bought out or just not renew his contract if it was only for 1 year.
  5. Happy New Year! Too bad Summit doesn't seem to be in this one...
  6. Redownloaded all 100gigs just for that playlist... settings are great, but the FPS on my X seemed close to 30. Forge map performance is crucial to a fun experience, and these need optimization.
  7. Am I an idiot or is there no option to disable assassinations?
  8. Shotzzy is teaming with Huke, Crimsix, Illey, and Clayster for the new CoD in the franchise league. That team is disgusting. Frosty's team is pretty good too, Maux, Skyz, Havok, and Prestinni
  9. Bracket: https://www.ugcesports.gg/tournament/9e44a543-2358-449e-a607-d1603bebbcec/brackets Only shows AM right now
  10. And he did it with a controller, against mostly KBM players. Man's a monster.
  11. Not even $12. $1. It is a 1 time payment, I got 36 months of ultimate for $1 because I bought 2 years more of gold before doing it. Edit: I now realize I did exactly what they wanted me to. I don't even care. Worth.
  12. The game is probably going to end up being bad, but IW has had a recent influx of old talent. Post MW2, a lot of devs left IW and formed Respawn. The team left behind did a meh job with every title since, but most of the OG team is back for this title so.... there is a little hope. It'd be cool to see more Halo pros show why we make the best gamers though
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