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  1. yeah, some people find great play boring nobody mistakes them for fans, though
  2. rec is such a great online team, and they have the best fans ever
  3. y'all ain't gonna believe this i just tuned into halo for the first time this weekend, and i saw REC fans complaining about connectivity issues in tournament play REC! lol
  4. i finally recovered from the vertigo i got from seeing frosty's shirt, and the amazing interview by lottie/lonnie/whatever her name is put me right back on the floor as always, renegade with the top 3 all time interview skills
  5. came back after more than a year to say how disappointed i am that @@Onset isn't wearing an amazing floral shirt
  6. also, people may not know this already, but i served 4 years in the marines before getting out and becoming a teacher hope everybody has an awesome memorial day weekend
  7. does he actually think t2 was asking that question to needle spartan? i don't have a hard time believing that it's because he thought it was for halo. that's what i thought it probably was.
  8. people keep calling ronin a fake seed can somebody explain that to me?
  9. please don't take me seriously about stuff like this i try not to take online stuff for this game too seriously
  10. he doesn't know that's the default answer to rhetorical questions about his knowledge about...well, anything
  11. i think you have some nice analysis here maybe post more or maybe not no punctuation is great it doesn't have any negative effect on the point you're trying to make no punctuation whatsoever except at the end.
  12. optic vs nv whoever wins, it will be because of the server whoever loses, it will because of the server
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