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  1. yeah, some people find great play boring nobody mistakes them for fans, though
  2. rec is such a great online team, and they have the best fans ever
  3. y'all ain't gonna believe this i just tuned into halo for the first time this weekend, and i saw REC fans complaining about connectivity issues in tournament play REC! lol
  4. i finally recovered from the vertigo i got from seeing frosty's shirt, and the amazing interview by lottie/lonnie/whatever her name is put me right back on the floor as always, renegade with the top 3 all time interview skills
  5. came back after more than a year to say how disappointed i am that @@Onset isn't wearing an amazing floral shirt
  6. also, people may not know this already, but i served 4 years in the marines before getting out and becoming a teacher hope everybody has an awesome memorial day weekend
  7. does he actually think t2 was asking that question to needle spartan? i don't have a hard time believing that it's because he thought it was for halo. that's what i thought it probably was.
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