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  1. I dont Hate hecz but I tweeted out when he announced the move and all things that where coming that he was moving to fast to slow down. I have also seen this happen to many times to know you can get bitten. good read man.
  2. I really dont think Hecz knew what he was really getting into or what he was signing. It happens all the time you think your doing right but then you realize you just pulled the biggest noob move in the business game. to many hands in the cookie jar mean someone will come out with nothing.
  3. Thats what happens when you jump into fast and dont read everything. Hecz had it all now he is going to loose it all and his Optic family. I will not support a Org that does this to such a great team great creators and great people. I will protest till I die.
  4. SponKilz


    Just having fun
  5. seriously do you remember when Brett did the vlog about joining optic I'm serious about the org gonna be with them along time. He says this every fucking time. I love Brett but Brett will never be satisfied with any team. He gets mad he gets disgusted.
  6. No doubt that they have what it takes and the names will be a household name. they are well on there way.
  7. I said these new teams on the scene are real. sorry for str8 and crew.
  8. Why would they go the cheap route. was this happening on the red side also or just blue. Now is it true there making soundproof booths. COME ON MAN get it together people.
  9. OK OK they don't need a bigger prize pool. 2.5 million is way more than enough. they need to keep it and use it for next year. don't go blowing your wad in one season.
  10. I don't see the older pros having a problem. its players like stellar, commonly ect having more jitters.
  11. only reason I would like naded to win is because he deserves a championship. hes been in the game since he was 16. so yeah if AG wins wouldn't bother me.
  12. I don't have a favorite team. reason being I have pro players I follow on all the teams. so I'm excited for all them. good luck guys.
  13. I think the whole not streaming scrims makes this weekend a lot more exciting. I'm freaking dying for friday
  14. I cant really decide of radar. for one its great to know where the enemy is. but it sucks when you round that corner and someone is crouched with a shot gun. its a love hate relationship lol
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