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  1. Ya, I don't disagree with any of your points. The fact that several first party Microsoft studios have recently shipped games in UE4 backs up your points even further. I've just been thinking that Microsoft might be working on a game engine since their 2015 Havok purchase. It would be aimed at first party and external studio development studios of all sizes (hobbyist to AAA), similar to what UE4 offers now. Theoretically, the next Halo could be used as the showcase for the new engine, with a release to the public shorty thereafter. But this is just wild supposition on my part.
  2. IDK, Epic asks for 5% of quarterly revenue and Josh Holmes said H5 made 400 million in the first week alone. I feel like at that scale, that's a lot of money to be paying out that you could otherwise be investing into your own technologies to gain a competitive advantage. I did see a lot of Glassdoor reviews mentioning the substantial amount of difficultly of working with the development tools/environment a couple years back. I'm sure they've been working on updating their engine/tools to be able to support a more aggressive update capability.
  3. Idk it looks pretty much straight H2-cyan to me. May or may not have been my armor color of choice...
  4. The classic-Halo music that has been playing since the event ended is
  5. F****ck accidental upvote lmao. I saw the large amount of neg reps and was like 'ya, I agree with the neg' and freaking upvoted it.
  6. Ya sorry, no way in hell we get those numbers for this event with ESL.
  7. I think Renegades could replace Rec in that list, if Neptune behaves.
  8. My running theory is that H6 doesn't come out until 2019. To fill the gap, 343 release a revamped MCC along with H3A next year. H3A replaces H5 on the competitive circuit.
  9. Does anyone know how the Optic - Splyce scrim ended? Last I saw, it was 3-2 Splyce.
  10. Originally, I thought this was Goku going SSJ3 for the first time against Buu, but further review shows that this is not the case. Must be from Super? Still need to catch up on Super, going to binge it this break.
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