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  1. yeah i saw but there is a lot of random stuff got posted in the thread this is why i made this one right here. I tried everything but its def true that every game its feel different
  2. Hello everyone's, Since they made the update its feel like i cant find my right config. I tried to play a lot of warmup flag, played a lot of games but i cant find the right one and stick with it. Trying BJ and boxer ( i played boxer halo 1 to halo 4 including reach ) and its feel like i cant play boxer anymore . Im not bad , i got my champ in arena every season except this month cause i had to move out of town for 3 weeks. But since that, i cant even shoot anymore. Tried 2 2 2 to 5 5 5 lol .. i tried every thing . I use to play with 4 but with the inner/outer , the .5 ( X and Y axes ) i cant find anything comfortable to stick with it . Maybe im not the only one in that situation . Anyone have tips for it ? i was 28xx in arena before the 3 weeks , i came back last week to my house. i have the same controller, an amazing connection ( Gigabytes ) and everything is fine about the material to play competitive. If someone could Really help me with my config , it will be amazing and really appreciated. Thanks for your help fellas, and have a fantastic one !
  3. got ban for 4 hours on one of my GT , grinding a plat 4 atm in arena . main is 2500 in arena . didnt play too much on it if that matter..
  4. are you planning to do tourneys and stuff ? im trying to run games with almost everyone descent here for the upcoming tourney ( HCS ESL GB , etc )
  5. eddy you are gold in team arena :S i dont want to be rude bud but .. my gf whos playing one day per week is plat. looking for hight onyx or champs
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