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  1. Halo 3 is back and so is the grind!! Myself (Damage), faithful shad0w, and Kevin Klutch are looking for one more person who’s trying to grind. No shade or bullshit, just improvement. I have pass currently and we are trying to work on hotel/jersey coverage. GT: Damage or Twitter.com/xo_damage Thank you!
  2. Hey guys, I'm still and F/A for HCs but am running with someone tonight at 10:30 est. We need 2 more people to run with so either F/As or a to2. Looking to go to Vegas, Atlanta and Denver plus compete in the online qualifiers. My GT is Damage and my twitter is xo_damage so pls hmu on there to run! Must have discord or skype.
  3. Hey guys! Sorry for the ppl who msged my already, recently came super sick (monday) so I haven't had a chance to run with anyone yet. As of now I am a F/A for the HCS Season. I want a team that can attend all events, play in all of the qualifiers and improve together as a team. Want people that can take criticism, adapt to any playstyle needed and are familar with callouts/map awareness. I am east coast and usually play at night. Hit me up! GT= Damage Twitter = @xo_damage
  4. Hey guys, I'm a F/A for the HCS Season. I can't go to St. Louis but I'm looking for a team that can attend all events after and compete in the online cups. I basically grind at nights but can switch that around if needed. I need people who are very communicative in and out of games, want to improve and can take criticism from each other well. Already need to have callout/map awareness and will do anything to get the w. I can run tonight at 10:30 pm est or anytime tomorrow so let's start grinding! GT = Damage Twitter = @xo_damage
  5. Hey guys I'm a F/A with 325 pts. Looking for solid players that game everyday usually around 9pm-1am. That's the usual time I play but I'm on a lot of other times too. I want people that are dedicated and handle criticism well. People that are enjoyable in and out of game and ready to grind this whole next month and available for all of the qualifiers. I have a pretty good shot so I can slay well and I have an aggressive playstyle so I'm looking for more people that can mediotate and control the maps and just are good at positioning, small talk (say where you are going and where the one shot you just shot is walking to), say where youre pushing off your spawn and if you are helping a teammate. Also positive attitudes and no egos! I would really like to get T16 but I doubt it's possible with two qualifiers already over but who knows but T32 is my goal for sponsors and stuff next season so lmk. GT - xo Damage Twitter - https://twitter.com/xo_Damage Twitch.tv/xo_Damage YT - Brittany Rodrigue
  6. If anyone wants to run tonight we are on right now and will be picking 2 ppl for the sunday qualifer today so hmu! GT is xo Damage
  7. Hey guys, I want to give this one last go. Veronickuhhh and I are a to2 with 600 points. We have been on every night to run but have not found what we are looking for. We want people that are dedicated, get on every day, learn from losses, stay positive and small talk (listen and respond). We are trying to grind GBs and the qualifier is on Sunday so we really would like to solidify a team. We both will be on all day today and tomorrow so hit one of us up. We usually game 9pm-1am EST but we also game whenever we are free. GT- xo Damage GT- Veronickuhhh @xo_Damage @@Veronickuhhhh twitch.tv/xo_damage twitch.tv/veronickuhhh
  8. Looking to run any To2s or F/As. Want a set team for this qualifier on Sunday! Hit me or Veronickuhhh up. 600 pts combined Need people that: Get on everyday Grind GBs Learn from losses Small talk!
  9. xo Damage and Veronickuhhh are a to2 with 600 points. Trying to run tonight. Serious players only please, trying to grind. Must have thumbs and a brain. Hmu on live GT is xo Damage
  10. Veronickuhhh and xo Damage are a To2 with 600 points combined. Looking to run with people tonight that also have points but are also dedicated, trying to grind and get better as a team. Hmu on live to run. - xo Damage
  11. [email protected]@Veronickuhhhh & I are a to2 with 600 points combined. Looking for ppl that are dedicated, grow as a team & grind GB. Hmu to run. RT please We will be running games at 9:30est hit Veronickuhhh up on live or @@Veronickuhhhh on Twitter to run earlier. My GT and Twitter is @xo_Damage
  12. Looking for two talented players for the OT on Sunday and for future tourneys/events in general. Must be dedicated (on every night for practice), willingness to get better and play as a team, good communication and a solid shot. We are running tonight at 10:30 and tomorrow same time. GTs are xo Damage Veronickuhhh Twitter is @xo_Damage and @@Veronickuhhhh
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