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  1. The important thing here is that you didn't get overly sensitive and defensive about something that was clearly a joke. Kappa
  2. Yeah it's just repeatedly crouching while stabilizing. It gets you extra height. That's what allows people to do higher stabilize jumps.
  3. Sorry man, but people have literally been doing that since the game launched. :/
  4. I sincerely hope that the hydra and plasma caster both get a large buff or fix of some sort because from everything I saw, they are not worth picking up at all.
  5. Your initial post was about as "clearly sarcastic" as this post. ... ?
  6. Ummm, what? I understand that you're an admin on this site, but either you are really bad at conveying sarcasm or a jesting tone, or you are just being a dick. Why would someone NOT be mad about someone saying they were going to pay them X amount (especially in a contract), and then not doing that?? Am I missing something here?
  7. I'm freaking pumped about all these new teams being announced. As long as someone dethroned EG, I will be happy. Nothing really against EG personally, I just don't like seeing dominant teams win every year in Halo. It's the same way that people like to see the most dominant sports teams lose as well. Sorry EG. <3
  8. I love how right from the beginning, before he even sat down, Sudd was making excuses about the setup, the glare, screen lag, etc. Classic Sudd.
  9. I know I've seen quite a few people saying similar things to this, but why on Earth would you assume that every other team BUT the previous #1 team would adapt better to a new Halo? It just doesn't make sense. EG will still be a dominant team. That being said, I feel/hope that they aren't going to be AS dominant, otherwise it will just be boring again when it comes to the finals in tournaments.
  10. I swear I thought for sure that you made this to be funny because I thought you photoshopped Ninja to look like a girl. Like I legit thought that you made him look like he was wearing lipstick and eyeliner. Then I wondered why you would do that, so I looked at everyone else's comments on it and saw nobody mentioned it. So I looked again and realized it probably wasn't photoshopped after all.
  11. I think/hope we see a Ninja that's as good as the H4 version. H5 will play a lot more similarly to H4 than H2A, which I feel Ninja's playstyle will benefit from. That being said, he still needs to learn obviously that he can't always be so aggressive. There's a definite difference between playing pros and playing matchmaking.
  12. I absolutely cannot wait to see this liquid team play. I'm by no means a Ninja D-rider like a lot of people, but I do enjoy watching his stream. What I'm even more excited for is that Mikwen is on the team. I think Mikwen is one of, if not THE best H2A player right now. I don't remember if he played a lot of the H5 beta, but I'm sure he is going to be as absolutely dominating as always.
  13. I understand the shot registration is complete ass, but I'd take Pit, Guardian, and Narrows over most maps in Halo history.
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