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  1. That's pretty damn close to a forge map and certainly isn't a map that they spent time and effort to make unique. Just my opinion though.
  2. Pegasus Orion Coliseum Eden Empire Fathom Plaza Regret The Rig Truth Orion and Pegasus are forge maps with very little design and color/texture. So we now have 8 maps that aren't forged. Coliseum is a map basically made in forge with very little texture as well and based on that, I will include that as a forge map. So now we have 7 maps that aren't forged. 2 of the maps, Eden and Regret are remakes. So now we have 5 unique maps that aren't forged or remakes. Empire Fathom Truth Plaza The Rig We have 5 unique maps at launch, and only 2 objective gametypes on those 5 maps plus slayer. Empire, Plaza, and the Rig are the most generic city maps I've ever seen. No distinguishable areas, no power areas to control, and ledges, boxes, spheres, staircases, windows, and small tight areas EVERYWHERE. So in my opinion, Truth and Fathom are thr only real Halo maps launching with the game. And to top it off, truth is a midship remake of a past halo game. So IMO, Fathom is the only real unique Halo map 343 has made for Halo 5 on their own. I know there are 10 different maps, but when you take out the forge maps and the remakes and the absolutely horrible cityscape maps, there isn't much in terms of old Halo style maps that are unique and open.
  3. 343 hires walshy to commentate their events and probably pays pretty good money. If walshy had a negative opinion on Halo 5, you wouldn't hear him say it.
  4. Ok you guys blew this up way too much. Simply put, the maps in Halo 5 are garbage as it is. The fact that DLC is free might lead some of us to believe 343 might not try as hard if they can't make money on them, but we aren't for sure. The reason we believe this is because all 343 has done in 5 years is make Halo 4 and MCC, and to some of us that simply means 343 hasnt made a single good Halo game yet. There is 8 arena maps. 2 are forge. So now there are 6 unique arena maps. 2 of the 6 that remain are remixes. So there are now 4 unique maps. Coliseum is basically made in forge and isn't unique in the slightest. We now have 3 unique arena maps being played with only 2 objective gametypes on launch. Free DLC is a little bit concerning when you look at how bad are options already are. If they suck this bad already, we kind of expect DLC to be the same way as well.
  5. Literally no stand out maps. People can talk about gameplay and all that stuff all they want but the maps are the biggest problem right now. Sanctuary, the pit, narrows, construct, Lockout, midship, foundry, etc. 343 hasnt even come close to making maps like those ones. I know halo 3 gameplay wasn't the best, but run around those maps. It feels like a breathe of fresh air after watching halo 5 maps. And to top if off, the dlc is free. 343 has zero incentive to make the dlc maps good. The more money they spend on the dlc, the more money they lose. Free DLC is really concerning to me. It's great if the maps are good and what not, but like I said, they have no reason to make them good. They already got everyone's money at launch. They have to spend profit on something that won't make them money. And it's 343 were talking about.
  6. That's how competition in the market place works?
  7. How long will this game last with only 2 objective gametypes in matchmaking?
  8. That's a csr rank in that playlist I think
  9. Another god damn Halo game where other people's ranks aren't visible. What's thr point of even having ranks?
  10. Are other players ranks not visible before matches now either?
  11. It's almost like 343 has failed to make a good Halo game in the 4 years prior to this. Kappa.
  12. I'm talking purely map design. Halo 3 would have been a 100x better with the Halo 2 gameplay on the Halo 3 maps. I'm just saying if you look at maps like construct, narrows, the pit, Gaurdian, foundry, etc....Halo 5 doesn't even come close.
  13. Not true at all. The slower the movement speed, the tighter the map should be to compensate for that. The faster the movement, the bigger the map needs to be. Basically what you just said. However, it's the opposite. Halo 5 maps are getting smaller and tighter and the speeds are increasing.
  14. Compare any of the city maps in Halo 5 to Foundry on Halo 3 or lockout on Halo 2. Compare the outdoor maps in Halo 5 to Sanctuary on Halo 2 or Gaurdian on Halo 3. The Halo 5 maps are absolutely atrocious. You can add abilities to Halo on maps like Sanctuary, Lockout, The Pit, Gaurdian, etc and the only thing that will change is people sprinting away a tad more. When you fundamentally change the map designs to that of Halo 5, you get 100x more problems. Halo used to be about simplicity. Less is more. Now look at the maps. Tunnels, ramps, staircases, boxes, spheres, ledges, windows, EVERYWHERE. Look at narrows in Halo 3. Such a simple fucking map but it was so awesome. 343 has yet to deliver anything CLOSE to that map. And we only get 8 maps right now. 2 of which are forge. And 2 maps are remakes of the other 2 maps. And we don't even have forge to make maps right now. And we only have 2 objective gametypes on the limited maps. Not trying to be negative, but this is a huge problem IMO.
  15. These maps are the worst maps in the history of Halo bar none. The majority of the maps seem to be some generic cityscape map with 1000 ledges and boxes and spheres. You can literally turn and run behind a 100 different things in seconds. In my opinion, this game will get old very quick based on the maps alone.
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