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  1. Updated! check out the 7 maps I took so damn long to update, give feedback and pat dem on the back! they deserve it
  2. I must say, this has come as a real surprise to me. You took the things you have learned so far and knocked it out of the damn park, a vast improvement form your former creations and I would love to take a gander at it sometime on halo. I agree with what 3leggedgoat said, Widening that hallway a bit and adding a lift would do that area some good, also try to avoid sharp corners in far back areas, it helps when making rounds around the map and to make it less campy. I have nothing to say Aesthetically except this: Outstanding job, you have outdone yourself here. While I no longer help run the community Forge Lowdown I'll make sure to suggest this for an upcoming episode, it'll be well deserved. Keep improving, while the map has kinks to work out I'm sure, light-years ahead of what I have seen from you. Well done, I see a bright forger in you. Redemption
  3. Whoa, now that's an improvement
  4. I hate to say but I read that comment thoroughly and Fated is correct. Fated hardly had ill will and was constructive besides "sprint ruined halo" which could have easily been reworded and did not warrant a ban. In my opinion it was not a wise choice aPK and I recommend taking a step back and not being overly critical. In hindsight, you may look like your trying to make a welcoming community but such actions do the opposite. No offense to Aboveinfinity's choice of maps but he does go back and forth in favorites which is not ideal in handling forge features. I can make plenty of recommendations if you like as I have done over 50 map features, most from this site. My advice is to get a council on map selection, maybe with 4-5 people (2 competitive players, 3 forgers) or get a community vote. Not saying Aboveinfinity's map choices will be bad but that way it leaves biased opinions out of the equation. Ideally as well, never feature just your own content and keep it as a side project and not the main attraction. Learned that lesson long ago. Stay sharp and I hope you take my advice seriously, Redemption PS: There was supposed to be a forge feature done but that never happened . . . That is all I'll say.
  5. Guys, you know as much as I do of what has happened to halo and in these dire times I still strived to do more for the forging community and to give you guys all hope. I am done with halo, its been a long time coming but the end is here. Not because of the frustration, but because I cannot help what has already been lost. I am due to have more work soon, moving to bigger and better things and I knew it was only a matter of time. My list of accomplishments may not be much, but here it is: -Two maps in matchmaking: Edifice and Imago -Won two different forge contests -Co-founded the Community Forge Lowdown -Given feedback to thousands of maps and many of which that got into matchmaking -Featured over 50+ maps on the CFL show -Helped with the Revolution movement -Made more friends I could ever ask for It breaks me to know it would come to this, me and my best friend practically grew up playing this game relentlessly. I wanted to save this game so desperately I gave up time on schoolwork just so I can get things back the way they were. I gave my all and while I'm proud of all I have done, I wish I could have done more. Community Forge Lowdown will have a new Co-Host, the show will continue. I will still update each map list as I always do weekly, but I will not do anymore then that as I cannot play games anymore. I am 24 years old and have played this game since I was 14, 10 years I have played and days I will not regret. Halo had taken a wrong turn, and it may not come back. I, who have always had faith cannot continue to have faith as my life goes on and games do not. Goodbye people, maybe one day you will see me again.
  6. Did you see the poll for NS and NF? out of 2900 votes 71% . . . 71% of them want Sprint and Flinch gone. Kill times and sprint affect how players are being rewarded and players are getting rewarded for making a flank, team shot or responding to a callout because sprint is in this game. Normally 71% out of a small amount of votes would mean nothing but almost 3000 votes with a steadily increase in vote % cannot be ignored. If 90% of our current population voted . . . What do you think would have happened? Most likely we would still sit at 71% votes and wondering "come on 343, you can't ignore this". In truth, the Majority want sprint gone, and those votes effectively proved it. Sprint was not wanted for the next game yet it was added without the option to turn it off and they even dared to try and put a band aid on it to make it work. That is what effectively decreased the halo population, in reach you could at least turn it off. Reach also had more replay value than what halo 4 is now, mainly due to the custom game options available. Reach's customs were the most customizable in the entire series: Fact. I felt Reach was poorly done in many areas, but with how halo 4 is makes me wonder what the current developer is thinking. some say its reach 2.0, I feel its reach 1.5, not even living up to all past titles is hard to believe. I had such high hopes for this one only to be disappointed. Even worse, it has destroyed the wonderful halo community, all of the most well know players and forgers have moved on and do not care for halo anymore. I hold my hopes but by a thread, each day I struggle to find the means to keep playing. For me it is the way of the forge and helping others improve maps, but I fear all I have done was for nothing. I pray that one day we will see a thriving community again, because for me that's what it's all about.
  7. A reminder of the late post guys, my computer was having issues and I also got delayed right before this post. Frustrating with all that goes on as is but I never want to let you guys down. For download links, just go to my 4v4 Map List and you will find all the maps there. Be sure to follow us on twitter and watch our show at http://www.twitch.tv/JuniorLives on Thursday 9:00 PM EST. See you then!
  8. Unique touches on the map and the excessive overlap of pieces. All the forge pieces seem to be more forced than planned, not that it affects the layout directly but affects the depth perception and as such people could deem that "confusing". My point is this: Try using similar pieces in a structured form, like using 4-5 pieces with simple structure design (In a sense, create a fixed object palette). This allows visual consistency such as: 1 or 2 pieces for flooring, 1 or 2 pieces for doors, similar door frames around the map, 1 piece for pillars, 1 piece for ramps. This allows easier depth perception as it would be easy to identify "floor" as it would be related to that piece you used. As for unique touches, that comes down to adding a touch of beauty. AKA your damn forunner tower, that blew my mind. I hope this was useful to you, Redemption
  9. Geometry seems solidified, nice lines of sight to CQC in the middle, with some breathing room. That being said the design can be viewed as somewhat generic, and the piece usage lacks some consistency and character. Middle area would only need minor piece change to help make the area look more "clean". There are other parts of the map that could use some cleaning up too, try reducing the amount of textures in view, having simple colors helps ease the view of the map and provides more information by clearly defining your depth perception. We have met before and I hope to see more interaction from you on the forums, Glad to see make your way here. Cheers, Redemption
  10. Added Waylyn by Career, Be sure to give this forger the credit he deserves as he is a phenomenal forger with all his works (he got more but he dares not show it).
  11. Added 5 new maps! Check dem out! Cobalt By Intensity Arena by Asko Artifact by Maximus Ancient by Gamble Derivation by Fyreside Be sure to give feedback and your appreciation for all their hard work! Map list has a total of 51 maps, huge amount of content guys and I hope to continue this.
  12. Sure thing, next week will be 4v4 but I'll be sure to squeeze a 2v2 week out
  13. while the thought is honest fated fire is correct. However the journey to building more original maps is a long and hard road and everybody needs to start somewhere. Take this, test it and see what you can learn then apply it with new twist's not seen before. I would hold back on making any comments of putting maps into throwdown as you can set yourself up to be judged. If I see something I think can be worthy I will do everything in my power to get it tested by the right people. Cheers and don't be let down, Redemption
  14. in his defense, he did. I can't say why exactly, but I know his hands are tied on that specific subject. Trust me when I say he prob wants No sprint just as much as you do.
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