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  1. I can see thruster being a good thing... if it weren't for the fact that you put your gun down. So the two main gimmicks are sprint and clamber as they effect map design.
  2. Lol I don't want to dumb down you uncultured swine.
  3. The fact that the only major YouTubers we have is a guy with some stupid click bait titles and a uber fanhoe is very disappointing.
  4. To the Halo community that may be the case, but for people who aren't that big fans of the series they most likely won't know who Romeo is or who Del Rio is. However they more than likely know who Master Chief is.
  5. I like using this video when ever a #immersion kiddie says "Spartans should be able to sprint" and I hit them with the "Faster Base Player Speed Master Race."
  6. The armors look like Power Ranger super villains.
  7. Master Chief did it better. He didn't have to sprint (they keep putting their guns down), and he didn't have to clamber (they do).
  8. Damn I love Bungie's attitudes during the time of Halo 3 and Halo Reach. They didn't take themselves or the game seriously. Like the Mythic trailer has a bunch of goofy sound effects. Now 343i is literally trying to be uber competitive in its attitude.
  9. I laughed my ass off when I realized the rocket launcher in the beta looks like the SPNKR.
  10. They took two steps backwards with the magnetism.
  11. Agreed, the older armors had a more western feel like how Mark V and VI are look motorcycle helmets. Halo 4 armors all look like Power Ranger super villian rejects.
  12. I demand scopes on all Spartan abilities including sprint and clamber.
  13. http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/rip-in-peace
  14. That could possibly mean R.I.P. in peace Halo.
  15. Those aren't even community features. We're talking a good fileshare browser (what we saw in the leak seems to be more of what we have in the MCC), something like Bungie's favorites, and stuff like double XP weekends. Halo 3 wasn't popular because the gameplay was amazing, it was king of Sexbox Live because of its community.
  16. I thought we can turn sprint and other Spartan abilities off in custom games, why not tournaments?
  17. Sure, how about removing sprint and clamber from tournaments?
  18. He is against lowering the skill gap. That gives him 100% of my support.
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