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  1. The whole team was tilting all night.. even Towey. Between games seemed too focused on the "could ofs, should ofs, would ofs" which can be brought up after the scrim as opposed to "alright, what are we doing next gametype, lets take this one" Hindsight is 20/20 though.. just my two cents
  2. "You too, could be one of 12 lucky people to watch the Halo World Championships live at ESL studios in Burbank, California" - 343i
  3. I have memories of getting Towey on my team in MCC in the HWC playlist.. we won.. but his performance left something to be desired.. that's all I will say about it
  4. Agreed. I'm a fan a players before teams/orgs. Makes things easier as a fan with the constant turnover of rosters
  5. Lxthul is subbing in.. I like to call them team E6 Took Mikwen
  6. Let the #MakeHaloGreatAgain 343/ESL/TeamBeyond dream team tickets commence \ /
  7. Ricochet should definitely be tested for competitive play.. Nay, it should be add a week before season 2 finals without warning, as of course is tradition
  8. This is actually what teams want to do in Slayer games (or any gametype). Constant full shield 1v1s aren't ideal. Players are looking for gun battles in which they have the upper hand in. Which is why you see all the bait-and-switch kills and players laying down a couple long distance shots then calling out weak players positions for other teammates to clean up, as opposed to chasing down their kills. Snakebite has a youtube video that goes over getting the upper hand in gun battles. And it's something Ogre2 always preached.
  9. Well, I'll be here to remind you all that you've become a bunch of devil worshipers
  10. Cratos will continue to be Satan beyond the 2 weeks though, correct?
  11. But E6 is family. Just think of this as him coming home. P.S. you're absolutely right. I was just going off of what Stellur posted.
  12. I agree LG has for the most part been clicking pretty well and imo shouldn't make a change, but who knows what teams are thinking. Stellur mentioned in his post that E6 was going to try and get Shooter back. So I guess I was kind of assuming that was the case. And that is where the ALG open roster spot was coming from. Could be wrong things may have changed. Contra, Devon, Stellur lineup is a lot of individual skill when you think about it. And Falcated has had his moments in the first 2 weeks.
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