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  1. They haven't screamed yet, they'll start screaming either tonight or tomorrow.
  2. so excited for this, already wanted the last season to be by this format, but i'm glad we're finally getting it.
  3. Ryannoob is probably everyone's worst teammate ever, dude is socially so awkward and has an attitude problem.
  4. I thought they already had an EU team? But I think an NA team would be great for HCS
  5. All the stupid shit he said on stream + just his personality in general.
  6. Thank god, I was so looking forward to this. Now I can finally cheer for Naded's team again.
  7. This sounds so exciting, but I honestly think they should drop both Lunchbox and Commonly. Don't get me wrong, LBX is a great player and very underrated, but he doesnt just put enough effort to compete against CLG and other pros who pretty much grind this game like 50-60 hours in a week.
  8. This pretty much confirms that he got dropped and low-key regrets his decision right now
  9. Another million dollar tournament possibly confirmed on Optic Vision Around +12m17s Here's a direct link https://youtu.be/CW3EuT9K01c?t=12m7s
  10. I don't know if i'm late as fuck, but this site is pretty dope. http://halodatahive.com
  11. Invite me for Team Arena, Diamond T5 currently, but i've been Onyx in every previous season 60% W/L and 1.30 K/D + 1.77 K+A/D Gamertag, Lasteferih
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