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  1. Apologies if this was answered, but there’s a Surfacebook at the registration table where you enter your GT and an email address and you’ll get the emblem shortly after the event.
  2. More likely the CWL announcements today, but I may be mistaken.
  3. There is nothing quite like a new thread on "the forums." Can't wait to see what's coming in 2018.
  4. I understand and I'd love to answer, but since that information was never made public it's not something I can discuss.
  5. Could do a Minor type system in a variety of regions where the prizes are travel covered for the top X teams (say $10,000 worth of travel, or 2 or so international teams most likely) to the next Major in NA.
  6. Having some offering in EU would also be needed. I was envisioning a continuation of the current format they have running with Gfinity or a similar schedule for EU teams (maybe a Minor/Major towards the end of the season?). International teams would be welcome to compete in the Majors/Minors in NA, it's also possible that one of these could be held overseas as well?
  7. Apologies, forgot to mention that the Majors would be presented by 343 (think a white label project, they could bring in MLG, Ncompass, MIllenial, etc, to run the event but it would be branded a 343 event). Minors would be presented by 343 or a Partner (UMG/UGC/Millenial/P5/MLG/ESL/etc)
  8. Halo Championship Series - Format Idea edit*: Organizer behind this is TBD. I am no longer employed by ESL, I left in April. This is just a general overview of a format that I think could work for Halo esports. First, if this is not the appropriate place for this post I apologize. Below is a format that I've been drawing up that I, as a Halo fan, would like to see competitive Halo move towards and I would also like to see what the community thinks (and maybe make some changes from your feedback). Overview Alternating Minor and Major event schedule with weekly online tournaments. Minors would be held 3-4 weeks before the following Major with a 4+ week break after each Major. Weekly tournaments only offered on weeks not featuring a Major or Minor. Major 128 Team Maximum dual-stage (Open and Championship Brackets) double-elimination tournament 16 team Championship Bracket (top 8 teams by points [more on point system later] + top 8 placing teams in the Open Bracket) Maximum amount of points available $100,000 minimum prize pool 2 broadcast stations minimum Event Focus - "wow" factor - Side tournaments/events (FFA), artist alley, signing sessions, pro and dev panels, etc Possible Locations - Atlanta, St. Louis, Columbus note* with the conversations between Tashi and Jack Felling from TC, these may also be prime opportunities to host Microsoft Studios events and hold tournaments for both titles, increasing the scale and "wow" factor for attendees. (think Dreamhack Atlanta scale) Minor 64 Team Maximum single-stage double-elimination tournament 1/2 points available as a Major (subject to change) $25,000 minimum prize pool 1 broadcast station minimum Event Focus - AM player experience - pro player coaching sessions, play-a-pro, AM spotlights/interviews, etc Possible Locations - Las Vegas, Nashville, St. Charles (Chicago), Santa Ana (think Millenial/ESA/UGC scale) Weekly Tournaments No team maximum single-stage double-elimination tournament minimum amount of points available $1,000 prize pool minimum Featured Player streams or remote broadcast These events could also be offered at Microsoft Store locations around the country, similar to the tournaments offered recently. Winning teams earn points and other prizes. Point System Historically, points earned at events were awarded to each individual player with the amount of points earned depending on where the team finished in the tournament. This system allowed players to leave teams but retain their individual points, increasing their value as a "free agent." More recently, Halo has moved towards a team-based point system where all points are retained by the team. This encourages teams to maintain a more stable roster as the season progresses. The below system is intended to reward players individually while also rewarding teams for maintaining a majority of the roster from the previous event. Points are awarded to players and the "team" equally. Points earned from each tournament or event are split 5 ways, between the 4 players and the "team". Teams that retain 3/4 of their roster between events retain the points earned by the “team” up to that point. If teams change 2 or more players between events, the “team’s” points are forfeit. Example: Team 1 (Players 1-4), won the last tournament and earned 10,000 points. Each player has 2,000 individual points and the team also has 2,000 points. Team 2 (Players 5-8) placed second and earned 8,000 points. Each player has 1,600 points and the team also has 1,600 points. Event 2 is approaching and the teams submit their rosters. Team 1 has dropped Players 3 and 4, they've picked up Player 5 from Team 2 and 1 player from another team who has 400 points. Team 1 Roster and Points Player 1: 2,000 pts Player 2: 2,000 pts Player 5: 1,600 pts Player 9: 400 pts Team: 0 pts (team points forfeit due to 2 changes to the roster) Total - 6,000 pts Team 2 only replaces the 1 player they lost to Team 1 (a player with 400 points as well), their roster and points: Player 6: 1,600 pts Player 7: 1,600 pts Player 8: 1,600 pts Player 10: 400 pts Team: 1,600 pts (team points are retained for maintaining a majority of the roster from the previous event) Total - 6,800 pts In this example, Team 2 would have a higher seed at Event 2 than Team 1 due to the points earned by the "team." However, Team 1 doesn't lose all of their progress from winning the last event, they would still retain a top seed in the tournament. So long as a team maintained the majority of the roster from event to event, the team points would continue to accumulate. Points for players/teams expire after X events. Just a thought, -Vivi. *edited slightly for formatting* *edit 2 Possible Calendar January - Break February - Break(weekly online tournaments) March - Minor 1 April - Major 1 May - Break (weekly online tournaments) June - Minor 2 July - Major 2 August - Break (weekly online tournaments) September - Minor 3 October - Major 3 November - Break December - Break note* November - February could be used for a Halo World Championship season.
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