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  1. I think this game is launching with a great amount of content, I'm not so much worried about that. What I am worried about is this game not having a good file share/theater system. That was a giant reason I loved halo 3 so much
  2. Thought I would post it over here as well, enjoy guys!
  3. Man I'm going to be really sad if we can't share shit in this game =[
  4. If the halo 3 section was one song like the rest of the video, it would have been a lot stronger. I feel like you played everything way too safe editing wise. Also the amount of rotation you put on some angles just look a bit off. I know it helps sometimes to make the angles look better, but you just placed rotations when they weren't needed and the angles by themselves looked fine. I hate to be negative on this as well, but the intro was something we've seen done a million times in halo videos, sad that probably the biggest montage to come out in the past 3 years has this as an intro. The edit was clean and well done though, however I know you easily could have done better (examples of Ace's leftover video, etc). We are in 2015, soundtracks like that don't need to be used anymore. Snipedown must really like Thrice's Circles, because even Vidol did a render to it. The gameplay was amazing though in almost all aspects except for a bunch of the halo 3 fillers. Overall pretty good video, too much hype for something that should have been much better
  5. Not sure how well 1v1 videos do over here but thought I would post it incase anyone is interested! Enjoy!
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