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  1. The Bungie maps had a certain theme/vibe to them. Maybe its nostalgia however, maps like The Pit, Midship, Narrows and even Turf stand out more for me than even the best Halo 4/reach maps. The new maps just don't give that unique atmosphere that the older ones brought. I understand that new game and new mechanics would require different layouts for maps but its more than just that. Its the way the map holds itself up in general. I think the problem may be that 343 is making this game as the Xbox Main "sci-fi shooter". Focusing on the maps relation to its "sci-fi look" more than on the its longevity. Halo was always a lot more than that. To the mainstream consumer though..its exactly how you want to market a genre. Edit: Btw now that i think about it I doubt its Nostalgia. I played a bunch of CS:GO recently and maps like Cache, Mirage, Dust 2 hold themselves like the good old Halo maps IMO.
  2. Looking to run some matchmaking and customs. Interested in players who know how to play and are also looking to rank up. GT: vFuzLon Region: NA East Mostly MM/Comp Customs

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