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  1. Just came back to try out game again. Can't find any games in ranked due to, presumably, low population. In Social I find games and get disconnected during loading screen...Currently banned for it. I have no connection issues in any other game. What a joke this company is.
  2. After playing for a few hours, this is 100% the case. It’s amazing how awful this game feels if you haven’t been desensitized to it by playing it in a long time
  3. Hey guys...I haven't really played or watched anything since the second world's. Just got on and everything feels different. Can anyone summarize what's changed, please?
  4. I think I get it. They're using a variable ratio reward protocol to keep us around. Yeah it's shit a lot, but sometimes, randomly, you get a good server, your shots go where your aimer is, and it's solo queuers vs solo queuers, no one quits out. It's the most effective way to keep people doing otherwise illogical things (like playing this game, despite it being terrible 75% of the time). Like gambling is an example of this. I wonder if I'm overestimating 343's competence here, though. Either that, or Microsoft has given up on console gaming. I mean come on, I don't know much about programming, but other games work. This leads me to believe that the employees designing the game at 343 are awful. Halo is Xbox's baby, and I wonder if Microsoft has just decided to cut their losses on the Xbox division entirely. If that's the case, those that are saying they're buying the Xbox One Silver Scorpio (whatever) just for Halo may need to rethink that decision. I'm sure there's some article about this, but I'm trying to make any sense of this to myself right now.
  5. Exactly...The slow kill times have been extremely noticeable with the magnum firing blanks all the time depending on how bad the server is. Can we just get a 4sk magnum and decent hit registration, please?
  6. this game sucks. Screw this. I'm so upset I didn't get into halo until 2010 because it's just been blue balls ever since
  7. I'm close. So even the hardcore community is this dead? I noticed fewer posts, but... I was only able to play the first few days after the heavy aim "fix", and thought it was incredible. But now it's just blank shots, which is way more frustrating to me, at least. Wth happened it seemed to be going smoothly. Is halo officially dad?
  8. I feel like every other shot is blank unless you massage your shot pacing into some arbitrary netcode
  9. What is this hit registration oh my god. Are y'all having the same issues with half your bullets not registering unless you slow down your shot?
  10. Does the new patch regarding no penalties for quitting when a teammate quits apply only to bans or CSR or both? The update stuff I read was pretty vague.
  11. I'm the definition of insane for still supporting halo at this point
  12. I've never seen this amount of incompetence for this amount of money in my life.
  13. Is the population larger now for HCS playlist? Am I trash on the new settings? Is the magnum trash, and I just overcompensated with the AR? Why the hell am I playing plats and golds that seem like they were onyxes in team arena?
  14. I agree with you, but I also have terrible internet right now so I'm not sure. Other than that, I agree with everyone that seems to be saying that: -pistol clip size needs to be increased -pistol ammo increased -base movement speed increase would be nice and -I feel like spartan charge is used way more now or I'm just dumb and havent gotten used to new radar
  15. This may have already been asked, but is anyone else only having proving grounds show up as a ranked playlist?
  16. Wouldn't it be better to just replay the entire game in a situation like this?
  17. Have y'all noticed a bump in population since it's been free on Xbox live? Just saw something on r/halo about someone being happy that it's free or else they wouldn't have played it, so I was wondering if y'all have noticed anything.
  18. Or, ya know, they could have just tried matchmaking based on party size. Still agree with you about the lopsided nature of the maps though.
  19. It occurred to me that there are 2 possible reasons that the AI are bullet sponges in Firefight... 1) The hardware can't handle more AI, or more responsive ones--not just standing still--so they just buff their health to ridiculous amounts to artificially make the mode more challenging. 2) It's just a mode to make players dump legendary reqs more so than regular Warzone. This is a little more cynical, but I also may be giving 343 too much credit with this idea. Either way, they have to realize that this is not fun at all. I wasn't even aiming for a lot of the game, just spamming the right trigger with my reticle sitting still.
  20. I just played a game of firefight and wow, that is really not fun. Spawning and emptying out a BR and a DMR into enemies that are standing still to get maybe 2 kills is awful...what are they doing at 343 where they could possibly think this is fun? I even spawned in some snipers and rail guns just to empty those out too...
  21. Well, at least this proves we're not all insane. It's obviously not only 11% that want sprint out; everyone else just left. I hope r/halo sees this, I think that that place is a toxic echo chamber that thinks that the majority of halo players want these things, when it looks like the majority of halo players have actually quit because of these things. I guess beyond could be called a toxic echo chamber too, but I feel like we're the few from that large group that have actually stuck around. I'd be very interested to know what the most frequent first halo of r/halo was...I'm almost positive that it'd be reach or halo 4, which I do feel impacts an opinion. If you're a new player who got into halo because of those things, of course you're going to love those mechanics and think that they add value.
  22. I agree. EG and CLG are both extremely boring to see win. Maybe it's because that's all we've seen for a couple years, but it makes the tournaments very unexciting and predictable.
  23. Doesn't optic do marathon days when they feel they should be grinding, where they scrim multiple teams back to back, then take a couple days off because they've been playing so much? Someone correct me if I'm wrong about that, but that's what I've gathered from maniac's vlogs...Doesn't seem to be the best way to practice, especially when that all day practice is hungover in a LAN center in California.
  24. Yeah, I've noticed the same thing. It's like being a low onyx is some cause for an ego, lol. This is probably the wrong thread for this, but since it's already being talked about... One thing I've noticed, but haven't gathered any numerical proof of, is that you lose less csr for a loss than you gain for a win. I've solo'd nearly every game, and went from diamond 1 to onyx ~1670 over around 150 games...with a ~48% win percentage. And this seems to hold true regardless of player ranks in the matches. Makes me think that climbing is still possible even if you're losing the majority of your games, which may lead to poorly skilled low onyxes, and I'm implicating myself in this, too. I don't think k/d and kda are part of it either, it seems to be an arbitrary set value of -10ish csr for loss and +14ish for a win for everyone in the game.

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