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  1. If you're playing on PC do yourself a favor and don't even bother with using a mouse, the controller is 100x better for some reason
  2. http://www.gdcvault.com/play/1023190/Making-Moves-Designing-Spartan-Abilities Ryan Darcey explains some of their choices behind the spartan abilities Edit: the Q&A is good too.
  3. Anyone else feel like the aiming in this game is constantly fighting them?
  4. Marcus Lehto worked on Halo at Bungie and gave some thoughts on halo 5, found it interesting. https://twitter.com/game_fabricator/status/696757610947571713
  5. Is warzone assault still the quickest way to grind req packs? Feels like they may have nerfed the req reward a bit
  6. Anyone want to play warzone? Always played halo solo and would like to find some people to play with. Add me and invite if you're down gt: OnSlaught879
  7. I'm still getting uncommon mostly from silvers. Do the premium packs have a higher chance at mythics and legendaries than gold does?
  8. Is the premium war zone req bundle for 25 dollars worth the price?
  9. I would say the majority of people are just getting off work and starting battlefront up for the first time
  10. I remember how rewarding getting a 50 in halo 3 was when I first got it, then a few days later I realized everyone and their mom had it and it became bitter sweet
  11. So what halo 5 rank is equivalent to a halo 3 50?

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