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  1. Yeah the way i see, obviously flights, accommodation etc is really expense so you'd need some serious commitment from sponsors but in order for the game to branch out that's what may be required, the COD scene is huge in NA and EU, same with several other esports csgo being another. Like the two top teams can only play each other in EU repeatedly and obviously that isn't good for development. Think it would require an overhaul of commitment and ££££ to see some real progress.
  2. What's everyones opinion of EU players joining NA teams for H5? Septic who is/was doing it for a while with RC for example. Seems to work out for the better in most esports? Imagine like chalkie on denial or riotz on liquid (hypothetical obviously) think this would help halo progress outside of NA and make the competition more lively elsewhere?.
  3. Been lurking a while, think that's what most eu folk are doing
  4. The Silky Paws - Hardcore, Hcs, whatever. Soloing is s**t
  5. Silky Paws, EU player. Probably seen me on MM now and again, thought I'd finally sign up on here
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