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  1. I know there will be more but is there some kind of waiting list for this 2 vs 2 tournament? What if a team can't play in the tournament? Can my teammate and I take their place? Please
  2. Your Name: i magnetism i Winner: i magnetism i Round Number: 1 Score: 1-1 My opponent Fear our Hero​ said that I can just take the series.
  3. Here is the video in which Halo 5 was played at the Gamescom event. Josh Holmes said that they(343) like the Assault Rifle/Pistol start and explains why. Starts at 41:48 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xiKepPr1Qsc
  4. My GT is i magnetism i but I'll add you.
  5. I am interested in running games with you and seeing how things go. Perhaps we can make a team together. I'll add you. My GT is i magnetism i​
  6. Gamertag: I magnetism I (i's) Games Played: Halo 1,2,2a,3, and 4. Area in California: Riverside Future gaming plans: tournaments
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